Monday, March 6, 2017

Leaving Wet

The most difficult part of receiving my diagnosis was telling people of my journey ahead. In one particular conversation with our campus pastor Matt I realized my greatest fear of this journey.

It wasn't hair loss, or throwing up
It wasn't even about dying.

My greatest fear was that my Sparkles would blame God for my illness. That they would be angry at  Him for making Momma sick or not healing me when they asked. I was reminded again that I cannot save my children, I cannot choose for them and I can't make them believe. 

All I can do is to take the next right step myself.

I began praying that day that the Sparkles would experience God and his Goodness in the midst of this trial. That they would see something greater then the present situation. I prayed that they would be filled with joy- seeking it in the toughest situations. 

And last weekend, God answered my prayer and Madison went All In For Jesus.
My heart was overflowing with joy as I watched her take the plunge. 

It was exactly as I would expect it to be for Madison- responding to a nudge, taking her Dad with her and having no previous plan or schedule. I knew she was on the cusp of her decision and the greatest gift I could give her was to be praying for her and to celebrate with her when she was ready...

I am so proud of Madison and for her decision. I am thankful that her Dad could share this special moment with her and that I was there surrounded by our friends in celebration of an answer to prayer. 

God is good!