Friday, May 25, 2012

Sparkle Princesses

Its hard to believe that another school year has drawn to a close.

I can't believe that I have a daughter going into the  5th grade and another going into  Pre-K.

These girls are truly the sparkle in my eyes. I am blessed...

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

10 months ago

...we were blessed with our son, Cooper Alton.

It is amazing how quickly he is changing and learning new things.

Cooper now weighs 19 lbs 10 oz. There is a reason I call him Mama's tank
 Ok, I had to include this picture because it just makes me laugh. Oh the captions I could write...
 A more somber pose
 Hi Daddy (Cooper loves his Daddy)
 Standing on the chair looking for his sisters
 Look I can kneel
 Wrestling with Goober
 His Thinking Face
 Come on Goober, enough of these pictures
 Playing with is Train- best friend and favorite toy, life is good
 Finally a shot of the bear and Cooper isn't looking. Oh well.

The pictures are only a sampling of the many tricks and talents of our little man and how quickly he moves from one thing to another. He is a very curious boy.

Cooper now crawls, pulls himself up to stand and has finally given in (he does have a double dose of stubborn) and tasted the wonderful flavors of "real" foods. 
I am sure the next month will be full of many adventures of Super Cooper as he is off to explore his world. 

Friday, May 18, 2012

Dirty Girl Mud Run

Saturday marked Race #1 in our 12 in 12 race series and what better way to start the running season then with a Mud Obstacle course and 13 amazing women from church.

14 of us embarked on a laughter filled 5k Mud Obstacle course to benefit Breast Cancer Research.
Here we are before the race. Team Peeps decked in yellow.
 Mel and my first race of the year
 Obstacle #1- Barn Burner- Hay Bale Climb
Obstacle #2- H2OMG Water Pit

 A friendly wave to the spectators on the way to the next obstacle
 Obstacle #3- Over and Under the wires
 Here come the Tunnels at Obstacle #4
 The tunnels were filled with water, mud and little pebbles
 Cheering each other on
 Obstacle #5- Rope pull
You had to slide down the embankment, wade through the water and then climb up the other side. Our Team did an amazing job of cheering one another on and working together until everyone was up and across.
 (Okay this picture was too funny to not include. While Rob was waiting for our group to reach the next obstacle, this is what he saw. Piggy Back Grandma- and it was her idea :)
 Ready to scale the cargo net at Obstacle #6

 Reaching the top together
 Cheering on our team mates (and other teams too)
 Obstacle #7 Tire Pump- tire high step
 Obstacle #8 Just Get Over it- wall climb
(this was probably my toughest obstacle that day. It was not bad getting to the top but when you were there it the drop on the other side was high and there was no good grips for your hands. But I did it)
 Obstacle #9 (not photographed) was another dip in the water and a rope pull to get out.

Obstacle #10 Mud Crawl to the finish
 What we started together, we finished together.
 We are the Dirty Girls!
 1 Race completed, 11 more to go
 My awesome husband who came to support me at my race and took all of these amazing pictures to capture the day. Thanks honey for being my biggest fan and supporter.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Birthday Party Fun

To celebrate her 10th birthday, Madison asked if she could FINALLY have a birthday party with friends. She invited 3 of her closest friends (England is just too far to travel for a sleepover) for sleepover.
The girls arrived Saturday afternoon (just a few short hours after the Mud Run) for the celebration.

The girls had a blast playing outside and decorating cupcakes.
(I enjoyed watching from the couch... but thats a whole different post).

 Decorating birthday cupcakes

It was a sleepless but fun evening. Madison said it was AWESOME.