Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Zoo afternoon

With temperatures expected to be in the 100F's by Thursday, it seemed only appropriate to take advantage of the breezy sunny 80F weather of today and head to the zoo.

Miss Kandi and Nana invited the girls to join in their afternoon adventure.

Miss Kandi had not been to the zoo in several years and the girls were happy little tour guides- they even had a map :)
 Lillian racing the cheetah- guess who won?
 A ride on the merry go round
 Stopping for an ice cream break
 A visit with the Polar Bear
 Then Merry go round again
 Finally a visit at the new bird exhibit
 Looks like Madi made a friend
Before getting drenched in the splash zone at the Dolphin show and then returning home for dinner.

Thanks Nana and Miss Kandi for all the fun.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Garage Sale swap

Best trade ever...

Glass table in exchange for a play set for Cooper.

Win Win

Cooper enjoys the slide and Lillian has been playing in the swing :)

Outdoor fun for all :)

Monday, June 25, 2012

New Hampshire Adventures

The girls just returned from a 10 day adventure with Nana and Pa visiting Aunt Beth and Uncle Sean in New Hampshire. (4 days of driving- 2 there and 2 home)They had a blast!

Lillian's one and only nap of the vacation...
 Racing down Aunt Beth's hill- can you tell they had been locked up in the car driving for 2 days
 Mama's rock stars :)

While Lillian stayed home for a Papa Day- Madison joined Aunt Beth, Uncle Sean and Nana in Boston for a day of historic sight seeing.
 Boston Bound
 Check out this boat
 Madison is still talking about the street performers
 Cheering them on
 Uncle Sean even got to help
 Walking along the Freedom Trail (part of the 8000 steps they walked that day)

It was a lazy day around the house for Madi, Uncle Sean and Papa while Lillian enjoyed a special lunch with Nana and Aunt Beth. They walked to the country store and enjoyed a bit of shopping.

Later that afternoon the entire family went candle pin bowling
 The balls were just the right size for Lillian
 Keeping score
That evening they enjoyed walking the trail
 Lillian's walking stick
 Helping to walk Loki
 Best Aunt and Uncle in New Hampshire :)
 Playing on the caboose
 Look out, here comes the Sparkles
 More rock climbing
 Looking out for the next adventure
A day for shopping and chilling out at the house.
Breaking in Aunt Beth's new wagon.
A day at the beach.
Taking Papa down to the water to check things out
 "It's cold, get me out of here"
 "Your right Aunt Beth, it is cold"
 Bring along Papa
 Come on Aunt Beth, its not too bad
 Snuggling close to Uncle Sean
 Digging  Madi's sand castle
 Racing to build too
 Lillian's sand creation
 A little help from an engineer
 A relaxation break...

 Looking for shells, I mean decorations
 Back to playing (I think this is my favorite picture :)
 Wave jumping
 Madison's creation- WOW
 Lillian putting the finishing touches on her castle
 Princess Lillian- each bound
 Thanks Nana and Papa for a great vacation
 Smashing their castles so the next people could enjoy building
 Back home and ready for bed- just relaxing together
Breakfast in the living room before getting on the road and driving toward home
 "Yup- she said it"
I love the look on her face.
Another highlight of the trip was visiting a Toy museum in New York. (Half way to home)

 Driving Miss Lilli
 The best passengers ever
 Off to the drawing station
 This part was too cool.
Real shopping.
First you had to fill your cart
 Then it was time to check out. You even got a printed receipt
Saying Hi to the Count for Mama on the way back to Sesame Street
 What a catch
 Dragon Madi
 How many of the Bernstein Bear books have you read?
 The Bear Family + 2 Sparkles
 Off to clean teeth
 Before saying HI to Superman for Daddy
 Then a stop at the Slinky station
 And a quick game of checkers
 Then finally a racing game with Papa
 and a quick look at the Star Wars figurines
 Leaving the museum
Good-bye New York- its time to go home
 Tucked into sleep at Papa's apartment- just one more sleep until home
The girls had an amazing time on their vacation and have been talking non-stop of their adventures. So glad they had the opportunity to visit and even more glad to have them home.