Monday, August 27, 2012

Look who's walking

Its hard to believe that my 13 month old baby is walking, but he is and quite enjoying himself.

Check out the video of his first long walk :)

The next greatest Super hero is coming your way. 

Off to play

In the midst of all the packing there was still the day to day chores and routines.
As I was trying to cook dinner one evening I asked the girls to escort Cooper to the living room to play.

Off they go to find some toys 

And this was Cooper's interpretation of self entertainment 

It is much easier to get to your toys if you climb in the drawer with them.

Trying to blend in.

I love my little super hero.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

First of the day... Cheers!

Daddy and Cooper sharing an evening drink.


Thursday, August 9, 2012

Cooper Man

I love this boy and the faces he makes (and his T-shirts are pretty cute too)

Yeah Cooper (the magic phrase to say to get Cooper to clap)
Just chilling on the kitchen floor
Our very sweet and happy boy
Hey, look at me
Standing in the kitchen, debating about taking a few steps (He didn't)
Look Daddy, no hands!
Into his high chair for a snack
Cooper is fascinated by his ear
See my teeth- just 2 but he has got quite the bite
Happy boy again- I love his smile
Full of belly giggles
I guess he is getting tired of his picture being taken
Look, 2 ears
Happy boy again, he loves his Daddy
What a blessing Cooper is- the perfect completion to our family!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Under the Stool

Cooper's latest discovery is that he can crawl under things, however, he is not always successful at crawling back out.
A peek into his latest adventure:

Hey, how did I get under here

Looking for his escape routes
Sitting and thinking about his predicament
Happy that he brought a toy with him (he might be there a while)
Oh No, I am stuck
Seeking options (or maybe assistance from the man behind the camera)
O I could try to reach over...
Taking a break
Oh look, my toy. Cooper just loves things that are yellow
Back to planning his escape
Looking at it from all sides
A concentrated attempt
Maybe this side is better
Or this one?
Deciding that the front might be best, but adding the legs this time
Oh wait, I dropped my toy, must go back
See, I got it
All is well, as long as you have something to play with :)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

New Food

No more baby food for Cooper! He has decided that baby food is not his thing AND that he does not want anyone to feed him.
Quite the challenge for sure. But we have managed to trudge along through this newest adventure.

This weeks food attempts included: apple slices,pears, cucumbers, carrots, cheese quesadilla, dino chicken nuggets, and anything else Mama can find that is long hand size and a texture that Cooper will try.
Some were Yes (apples, pears, cucumbers and chicken) and some were No's (carrots, quesadillas and several other floor rejects- his favorite place to put things he does not like or want to try).

We will see what other successes we will have in the coming days.

When in doubt, there are always Cheerios and puffs!

Monday, August 6, 2012

1st days of School

Its hard to believe that school is already in session- summer sure flew by.
Both girls were happy to return to our school time routine.

Lillian began the year at a new preschool and she LOVES it. She will attend 5 mornings a week from 9-12 and is thrilled to have her friend Reese in class with her. Miss Amy her swim teacher is also an assistant in her classroom which made for a very easy transition.

Here is Lillian on her first day, backpack ready to go!

Silly faces for Daddy
Heading out to get in the car and go to school
She is ready!
Safely arrived at school- a final picture of Lillian by her cubbie before a quick kiss good bye. 
So proud of Lillian and her smiling face as she faces a new adventure.

Madison also started a new school this year... she attends an Intermediate school for 5th and 6th graders and was recommended the High Ability program. She is still a bus rider in the morning but enjoys walking home in the afternoon. I am so proud of her and the transition she has made to a new school and new friends.
A final glimpse at the bus as it drives away with my "baby". Where has the last 10 years gone?
(Here's a clue for the BIG news that will soon come!)

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Swimming at the hotel

After a long (and rather warm) afternoon at Conner Prairie, we returned to Uncle Craig and Aunt Debbie's hotel to swim in the pool.

Lillian was quick to jump in
But the swim lessons really paid off and she now swims directly back to the wall
But now for long before she is off to catch Daddy
Or Madi (whoever she can get first)
More splashes and jumps
Play time at the pool would not be complete without Daddy tossing you around
Up she goes
And down with a tremendous splash
What a landing!
She goes quite high in the air.
And more
Working on her form (she wanted to reach the sky)
But what goes up, must come down

With a splash landing
Floating queens... these beauties have perfected their back floats (its about the only time that Lillian is still).
Until the next pool adventures (and there will be plenty)