Tuesday, July 29, 2014

North Carolina

We were able to travel as a family to the cabin in North Carolina for a long weekend.

We met Grammie and Grampie at the cabin and enjoyed being in the mountains together.
We climbed the mountain, explored the family property, went white water rafting, gem mined on a rainy afternoon, played in the hammock, shot a BB gun, and caught fire flies at night.

Here are the highlights of our adventure.

The A-frame-our home in the woods

 Climbing up the mountain to see the family property

 Stopping to play in the dirt. This little boy loves rocks
 Cooper catches a lift from Mama
 Saying hello to our turtle friend
 Gem mining on a rainy afternoon

 Learning about their discoveries

 Doing crazy spins and swings in Grampie's hammock
 First time shooting a BB Guns

 Taking aim at the pop cans in the woods
 Hunting fire flies

 Inside the A-frame
The dining room and kitchen
 Living room and looking up into the loft

 Stairs to the loft
 Our room in the loft
 The A-frame
 Family in the woods
Looking forward to our next adventures in the mountains

Monday, July 28, 2014

Cooper Turns 3

Each year I ask the Sparkles how they want to celebrate their birthday. They choose their favorite meal for dinner, the type of cake they want me to make and who they want to celebrate with. 

So when I asked Cooper about his birthday I thought I knew what to expect. 

He wanted to go to 'Donalds for dinner (chicken nuggets, french fries, apple slices, and apple juice)
He wanted to have dinner with Mama, Daddy, Di and Lilli. He also wanted Nana, Papa and Omi. 
And he wanted a Fire truck cake. 

But his next request was a bit surprising... 
He wanted me to make the fire truck cake and take it to the firemen at the fire station. 
For 3 months he continued to make this request so when his birthday rolled around that is exactly what we did. 

Here are the highlights of Cooper's birthday. 

Opening Presents
He loved all of his gifts

 Getting ready to take the cake to the firemen
 Cooper would not let the firemen sing happy birthday to him but he did sit on the counter and hand out a piece of cake and ice cream to each of the firemen.

 Then we all sat down to eat cake together.

 With the cake eaten and the kitchen cleaned up, we headed out to the truck bays to explore the fire trucks.
For over an hour Cooper climbed in the fire trucks, pushed buttons and explored the fire station. He was absolutely thrilled.

 He even got to climb the ladder truck with Papa. Cooper held on tight to Papa's back as they climbed the ladder to the bucket.

 Together with Papa and his sisters... waving at the cars as they drove by the fire station.
 One final truck to explore.
 Then after saying good bye to the firemen and thanking them for letting us visit we returned home for cake and ice cream.
 Happy 3rd Birthday, Cooper Alton. We love you!