Friday, July 9, 2010

Camper Madi

Another year of camp for Madison.
She returned for her second year at Camp Pyoca this past week.
We dropped her off Sunday the 4th with the promise of another great experience.
Third Grade Explorers camp is 3 nights and 2 days. She had a blast.

Madison is the first second generation camper to attend Camp Pyoca. Executive Director Rich is quite excited to have the tradition continued :)

Madison's counselors, Tavi and Natalie, were very sweet and quick to welcome the girls to their cabin- Spruce.

The girls loved playing on the ramp outside the cabin. Lillian especially enjoyed running up and down.

With a tearful good-bye, we loaded Lillian in the car to return home. We would pick Madison up Wednesday morning after the closing ceremony.

The sisters were happily reunited. (Lillian couldn't wait until the end of the program to get to Sisie, so she climbed under the chairs and raced to her arms).

The week was focused on being a HERO. All of the campers shared who the heroes were in their lives as part of the closing ceremony. Madison and Heather had a great time at camp together- they even shared bunk beds together.

Next year they will return for a full week of camping fun.

Sunday, July 4, 2010