Saturday, April 25, 2009

Spring Family Portraits!

With the girls both having a birthday- Madison turning 7 and Lillian turning 1, plus the fact that our last family picture Lillian was 6 weeks old before we left for England, it was definitely time for new pictures!

First- the Happy Couple

Next, the girls individual birthday shots!

Then, our Sparkle Sisters

"Where's sisie?"

Can you tell its nap time? Lillian was done!

A photo shoot would not be complete without the traditional church directory pose.

Finally Mommy with her girls

And then Daddy's girls


Friday, April 24, 2009

Swing Set Fun

Spring is here and so is the 70F weather.
It was the perfect day (the first without rain this week) to play on the swing set and to test out Lillian's new swing.

Lilli's maiden voyage began with a kiss

And a bit of a push from Big sister Madison.

Lillian was a bit uncertain at first but with Monkey by her side (she seems to have caught on to Daddy's plan to hide monkey and always has him arms reach) she even started to giggle.

Meanwhile, Madison demonstrated her many tricks.
First, how to climb up the side of swing set (why did we even bother with the ladder)

Then on to her "heart-stopper" trick that she has been perfecting.
(Yes she is going head first down the slide)

She quickly brings her legs up and around the sides to in front of her before reaching the bottom. It is quite impressive that she has yet to fall off the side.

Lillian enjoyed just sitting in her swing and watching her silly sister perform and play.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday, Lillian!

Nobody likes to be sick, especially on their birthday!
But that is exactly how Lillian spent her first birthday. With a fever of 104F her one comfort came from her tube of toothpaste.
With cuddle and monkey always in reach, sick Lilli spent Saturday alternating snuggling with Mommy and Daddy and sleeping (sometimes wherever she was... like her highchair)

Camera-woman Nana,Pa

Big Sister Madison, and Lillian's godparents Niki and Kevin

joined us Sunday for a mini birthday celebration.

30 minutes after the guests arrived and Lillian's Motrin had finally kicked in (her fever was still 104F) it was time to open presents.

A new bath book (Rainbow Fish) from Madi

Clothes from Great Aunt Sue and Uncle Fred, Omi and Opi, Aunt Niki and Uncle Kevin

A new cup (that she can actually drink out of) from Daddy

Stacking tower cups from Aunt Beffie and Uncle Sean (plus her super duper Pampers diapers)

And finally...

A pink swing for the swing set from Poppy.

Thank you for all of the great and thoughtful gifts. Each one is very special to us and will be loved dearly.

Then it was time for cake!

It would not be Lillian's birthday without a cake for her Lioness (vanilla cake/cupcakes with cream cheese frosting (yellow food coloring),a Reese's Pieces mane, chocolate coin ears, nestle crunch eggs for eyes, milk dud nose, and an M&M mouth) including a mini cupcake just for her.

Lillian's version of "make a wish" was to try to touch the candle flame. Mommy helped her blow it out.

Her first bite...

"Hey, this is great!"

It was definitely a memorable birthday!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Outdoor Fun

Fun in the yard....

Lillian enjoyed being in the grass (only if she was on her cuddle with Monkey) playing with her sticks.

Meanwhile, Big Sister Madison used her creative thinking to build a box tower high enough to boost her into the tree.
She was quite proud of her climbing accomplishment!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What climbs up, must fall down

While playing upstairs one afternoon in the family room, "monkey" Lillian climbed up onto the ottoman to read.

With her reading done (books gently dropped to the floor), it was time to climb down.
First, lead with your head (its the biggest)

You can also use it to catch yourself.
After a bit of a rest...

Sit up then turn and slide down

If your not careful, you will go BOOM!

Better luck next climb!