Thursday, April 22, 2010

Slide Fun with Daddy

Wanting to be just like Sissie, Lillian is determined to climb up the slide.

With help from Daddy, she climbs to the top.

But soon slides back to the bottom.

A kiss for success!

A bump on the Be-Bo (belly button) ends the adventure but there is always another day.

Playing Catch

Madison loves baseball, especially the Cubs. She is always asking to go outside and play catch.
She has a very unique style of throwing...

She does not always make the catch, but she always has a good time playing.
There is always time for a game of keep away. 

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Handstand Beauties

On a sunny afternoon, we headed outside to play.

Just for fun, Madison and I were practicing handstands by the fence.
Our little "me too" couldn't be left out and had to try herself.

With a little help from Nana, we were all up and ready.
No Olympics for us any time soon. But we sure had a few giggles!

Potty Princess

Lillian is quite excited about her new froggy potty chair. She even makes her own sound effects.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Me No Baby

Polka Dot Princess Room

With Lillian now sleeping in a big bed (bottom bunk) it was time to move the crib.
The added play space is awesome. I love to peek around the corner while the girls are playing together and see the fun they are sharing.

The girls love the polka dots and both have comforters in their favorite colors.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Car adventures in the backyard

Lillian couldn't wait to take her new car outside. She loved being pushed around in the grass.

Posing with Daddy and her new car.
My turn to push

There she goes again, loading the car for her trip.
Always room for a few balls. Just in case.

Lillian's 2nd Birthday Party!

We gathered together to celebrate Lillian's 2nd Birthday. 
Nana, Pa, Uncle Kevin, Ya-ya, baby Cynthia and Big Sister Madison joined in the fun. 

The Birthday Girl!

Lillian loved opening her gifts.
Finally, a baby all of her own. It even has its own pacifier!
Papa had to help open the baby so Lillian could open more gifts.
Lillian loves her police car. 
A new blanket for her big bed. Purple is her favorite color. 

Madison bought Lillian a baby suitcase for her to store her new baby's clothes and toys.

New Bottles for the baby (can you tell she is excited?)

What's in the bag?

Balls- just what she had been asking for. 
Time to take a break and drive the car for a bit. 

Papa finally got the baby out of the box and Lillian was ready to load the car with all of her gifts. 
Driving Miss baby.

A special birthday pudding.... chocolate chip cookies, ice cream, squirty cream, and a cherry. Or as Lillian calls it, Biscuits and Ice!
Blowing out her candles.

More birthday surprises

Birthday presents from Grammie and Grampie....

Lillian calls it a Monkey blanket (even though it is a hooded towel for the bathroom) and is always taking it off the hook and hiding it in her bed.