Friday, November 30, 2012


This year we have so much to be Thankful for.
And while the traditions were a little different, it was a great day to celebrate with friends and family and the blessings in our lives.

As traditions go, Wednesday is cooking day.
The help was a bit smaller this year... but fantastic
Lillian chopped all 3lbs of potatoes for me
We prepped the sweet potato casserole and green bean casserole plus the stuffing

Then it was on to making the desserts... everyone had their favorite. 
Pumpkin, Pecan and Apple Pies plus a Rum cake

Thanksgiving day was a relaxing morning just playing together.
Mama even got to watch the entire Macy's parade.
 Snuggled on the couch, waiting for the turkey to be carved.
 Gather around the table

Until next year...


3 Years of planning and its hard to believe that our Disney adventure is already a memory.

Here are just a few highlights of our trip:

Sparkman Family's next house :)
 Even Disney World knew that our little R2D2 was coming
 Riding the Teacups... over and over again. Cooper loved it.
 No trip would be complete without a ride on Dumbo (even if it has been re-imagineered)
 Lillian really wanted to meet the evil step sisters and the step mother (check out her evil face)
 Us with Mickey
 Of course we had to meet Tinker Bell
 and her sister Periwinkle

As you can see, we met a lot of characters :)

 Peter Pan was by far the highlight of the trip.
We had been given a tip that Peter Pan would be out after the parade and where to look for him. We staked out the plaza and saw him walk up and quickly got in line.
Since Peter Pan has never grown up, he was in no hurry to get as many people through the line and thus spent quality time (over 5 minutes at least) with each child that came to see him.
He just sat right down on the sidewalk for a chat. It was great.
 He and Cooper got along really well (They were showing one another their teeth)
 The plans are made... they are going to Neverland
 Saying Good-byes

From Peter Pan to the Princesses... Cinderella, Aurora and Rapunzal
(Cooper like Sleeping Beauty the best)
 Princess Hugs
And that was all on our first day :)

Day 2-5
We could not wait for our friends Roni and Lisa (Aielt too) to arrive from the UK.
Our first stop with them was breakfast with Chef Mickey. Gotta love Pluto :)
 Then off to the Magic Kingdom
Everything is more fun with a friend
 With a 1 to 1 adult child ratio, everyone was able to see and do what they were interested it.
Lillian and Daddy loved the Buzz light year ride
 While Madison and Roni patiently waited to meet Buzz Light year

There were only 3 rides in all of the parks that Lillian could not ride.
She was fearless and asked repeated to Go Again.
Here we are on Splash Mountain.
Yes that is Lillian in the front row.

Since we had met the Step Sisters and Evil Step Mother and Cinderella, it was only fitting that we would meet the Fairy Godmother too. Lillian was thrilled.

Fearless Lillian also loved Thunder Mountain.
Again, we are in the front row. Notice her hands high in the air (and imagine the joyful glee of going fast)
What you can't see is Mama's arms up. That is because while Lillian met the height requirements, our little Bug was not quite heavy enough to stay in her seat. But with an extra "mama" safety belt all was good.

 By the last day... Cooper was just plain tuckered out. He felt safe with Mama to fall asleep in the jungles of Animal Kingdom

 I truly think this is my favorite picture (Thanks Nana). Lillian and Cooper (plus a bag of Goldfish) planning our next adventure at the Magic Kingdom.

This was the end of each of our days... Lillian asleep on the bus on the way back to our resort (What is not pictured is Cooper screaming on the bus on the way back to the resort :)

Just one final picture before the end of our adventure,
 I had hoped when I posted this picture that I could also post the first picture (7 years ago to be exact) of Madison meeting King Louie but that picture is not digital :( (maybe I will scan it)
But you get the idea... 7 years ago Madison raced across Main Street to meet King Louie and here were are seeing him again. It was reuniting old friends.
My how my Moopers has grown :)

It was a magical adventure and everything we had hoped for. The weather was great, the company was awesome and the memories will last a lifetime (or at least until Cooper is 48" and we can return :)

Lake House

No only did we have Private Pool parties during our Florida visit but we had the Lake all to ourselves on the Sunday we went Jet Skiing.

It was awesome.

Cooper loved wearing his life jacket and eating his hotdog outside.
 He even rode the Knee Board- on land :)
 Lillian loved tubing. Aunt Susanne was her favorite to ride with, but she let Mama have a few turns too.
 Taking a bubble break

 We had hotdogs for lunch. Silly Uncle Al, thinking Lillian's foot was a hotdog... it was bun length.
 Uncle Caleb and Aunt Susanne
 Daddy and Mama

 What a great family activity
 Just hanging out in the hammock
 Daddy and Lillian pulling Madi

 Thumbs up means Go Faster... Lillian never put her thumb down
 Last ride of the day!

Thanks Uncle Al, for having us at the Lake House while we were in town.

We had a blast!

Cooper- 16 months

Its hard to believe that Cooper is 16 months old.

Between moving from our old house (13 months), moving to Nana and Pas (14 months), moving to our new house (15 months), taking Cooper's monthly picture in Daddy's chair just didn't happen.

But we have plenty of pictures that truly capture our little man.
He loves his Mama

And playing with Daddy
 And anything yellow
 He loves Teddy Grahams!
 And being upside down
 Playing with wooden spoons
 And going down the slide
 He loves to giggle
 And laugh at silly things
 Our Little Dude loves everything