Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Littlest Garbage Girl

Like father like daughter.... both love the garbage truck!

Lillian and Pa wrote a song about the garbage truck that they sing every Friday....

There's a big red truck
that comes down Lilli's street

and it picks up the trash
and hauls it away
and everybody's happy
because the streets are clean
when the big red truck
comes down Lilli's street.
Until next Friday....

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fashion Divas

Mommy Originals..... sewn with love!

The girls loved putting on a fashion show together. They were quite the posers.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Six Flags Great America

While visiting Omi in Chicago this weekend, Rob, Madison, and I spent Saturday at Six Flags.
(Lillian enjoyed a special NanaPa day including swimming, a nap, and pizza)

Aunt Nancy, Uncle Kurt, Aunt Marge and cousins Nicole and Jimmy joined us for the day of fun.

Madison was a real trooper and tried all the roller coasters (there were a few tears but by half way through each ride she was asking to do it again.)

We started simple with the Whizzer but quickly moved on to more daring rides.

Batman was an old favorite of well worth the 20 minute wait.
With feet dangling, we rushed at fast speeds upside down through loops and around corkscrews.
Iron Wolf was the dud of the day.
The only stand up coaster in the park, your head rattled so hard against the head rests that everyone exited the ride with a headache.
But it was worth a try.
After lunch at Johnny Rockets, we took a relaxing balloon ride before embarking on the next coaster adventure.
Uncle Kurt and cousin Jimmy enjoyed a milkshake.

Superman was next and was by far the coolest coaster of the day.
It really felt like you were soaring through the skies.
Upon entering the ride, individuals were seated and strapped into their seats.
Moments before take off, the seats were inverted and you soared along the track.
The ride was best with your arms stretched out, just like Superman.

The ultimate favorite coaster of the day was Raging Bull.
This hyper-twister steel coaster included a 208 ft drop at amazing speeds.
Madison rode this coaster 5 times- the last three she had her arms raised high above her head and the most awesome grin on her face.

She also enjoyed meeting the characters around the park.

Another great day filled with many memories.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Elephant Adventures

While Bethan, Miss Emma and Mr Jim were in town, we made a family trip the zoo.

America's Next Top Elephant was quite entertaining.
 High Five for effort!

We enjoyed playing with Cynthia while we waited for the crowd to leave.
Madison and Rob enjoyed riding Tombi back to the barn after the elephant show, while Sophie carried Bethan and Miss Emma. 

The hardest part (and scariest according to Madi is going up)

Not exactly Madi's happiest face.

 With Lillian leading the elephant parade, we headed back to the barn. (She was checking to make sure the elephants are following)
Back at the barn it was time to dismount...
Another successful elephant adventure.