Saturday, October 26, 2013

Crop Walk

It is an annual Dorsey tradition to participant in the Crop Walk each year to benefit world hunger. This year the Sparkles joined Nana in Plainfield at Hummel Park for the walk.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Zoo Boo

Halloween is just around the corner and the kids were thrilled to head to Zoo Boo for some trick or treating.

A very cold butterfly (Madison), a sparkly unicorn (Lillian) and Mama's favorite Lion (Cooper)
 Lillian and Miss Amy
 Walking the Hay maze
 My favorite picture :)

 Pumpkin Bowling
 Lillian and her Omi

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Parks, Zoos and Museums Too!

With Mama and Daddy away on business the Sparkles had some adventures of their own.

Fun at the park with our neighbor friends- Blythe and Abby

 Cooper Adores Blythe :)
 Rock climbing
 Wagon rides and Lollipops
 Next stop, Zoo fun with Miss Amy
 Who's that cutie?

 A trip the zoo would not be complete without a ride on the carousal. I wonder how long they stood in line to be able to ride the elephant and gorilla?
 Oh yes, there is a bird on her head.
 Jumping on the rhino bridge
 Roaring at the lions
 I love my Sparkles

 I love this little boy and his zoo hat
 Taking a break with Papa- just chilling. Its hard work to have adventures.
 The next adventure- the Children's Museum
 Science Works-
 Look at her climb
Next adventure: Zoo boo

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


After spending the first half of our vacation week in Italy we drove back with our friends to their home in Germany.

Just over a 6 hour drive from Milan, through the Switzerland Alps to Germany.

Our days in Germany were spent relaxing- sleeping in most mornings, late brunches and just hanging out.

We visited a few near by villages on afternoon.

 Together in Germany
 Beautiful scenery and sites from this old castle

 I love that in the midst of the forest, sits an old rune. A castle none the less

 We ate delicious cakes in this plaza one afternoon.
The weather was overcast but the company and cake were divine.
 This was by far my favorite place we ate. We went there our first night back in Germany and the food was amazing. Traditional German food that I will not even try to type.
 One happy girl- her favorite german wheat beer :)

 All throughout dinner in this tiny pub a piano man played show tunes from some of my favorite musicals.
 Here is Heidelberg Castle at night
 These fuzzy things are actually chestnuts and were interesting to say the least. If nothing else I can say I have had "Chestnuts roasting on an open fire "
 The castle by day

But all good things must come to an end and it is time to head home to our Sparkles

Until our next adventure