Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Dozen Shy of 40!

To celebrate my birthday this year, I asked to spend a relaxing day with my family enjoying food and fun. It was such a great time, I might ask for the same thing next year :)

Lunch together at O'Charley's.

 Beautiful finger paintings from the girls. It will be perfect in my office.
 A birthday is never complete without a Dairy Queen ice cream cake.

Patiently waiting for cake.

 Lillian was sure it was her birthday instead.

 So very blessed to have had my grandparents and sister in for the celebration (one benefit of having a birthday so close to a major holiday)
 Licking the icing from the tray. Lillian was not too interested in the actual cake.

Thank you for the wonderful gifts. They were all wonderful!

Love you!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Pa Day

While the ladies were out battling the crowds of Black Friday..... the Sparkle Sisters enjoyed a special day with Uncle Sean, Daddy and Pa.
 Finger painting pictures for Mommy's birthday
and tons of board games including a rousing game of Battleship

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Sparkman Style

It was wonderful to host another year of Thanksgiving.

I had asked Rob to go and wake Lillian up from nap, but Daddy decided to slumber a little too!

As a hostess gift for all the lovely ladies, I made aprons for each of the "cooks". It was real treat to surprise these special women with a handmade gift.
 The Dorsey Trio-
Mom's apron- Pink for love and 3 hearts to represent her two daughters and herself
Beth's apron- a solid stripe for being the oldest and 2 hearts of the sisters
My apron- a double stripe (second born) and 2 hearts of the sisters.
 Anxiously awaiting..... cheese! I am not sure who was more impatient about waiting to eat, Madison or Loki
 An unexpected guest in the kitchen (Loki) made for a bit of shuffling to get the food on the table.
My little dog lover was in heaven have her cousin Loki to visit.

Our Thanksgiving spread....
Stuffing, red cabbage, corn casserole, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, black olives, and fruit
 The wonderful turkey (tasted like ham) carved for serving.
 Of course you can't forget the wine and the bread.

As usual, my sister and her husband drove from New Hampshire to be with my grandmother and Henry and parents. Pops and his fiancee Ann even made the long drive up from Florida to join in the celebrations.

12 was just the right number! (Because Lillian was sick, she actually napped right through Thanksgiving dinner)
 After dinner desserts... homemade apple, pumpkin and pecan pie, served with a side of squirty cream.
 We passed the afternoon and evening by playing family games. Lillian liked helping Uncle Sean with his dominoes.

An attempt at capturing a picture of Papi's princesses....

Better luck next time!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Driveway Races

On a sunny Sunday afternoon, the girls headed outside to play.

Lillian has been desperate to try her big girl bike and Daddy was happy to oblige.

She is still too little to reach the pedals and hated going too fast but it won't be long until she is racing along with Madi.

With the bike safely put away, Lillian moved on to her police car. She loves going fast in it.
They loved racing each other down the drive way. Each girl was trying to reach Daddy first.
Sheer enjoyment!

"Look, no hands"

It's a photo finish.

"Ready, steady, GO!"

Lillian's in the lead.

No competition, Lillian has the advantage.

Fun times!

Grins at the finish line.

Oops, a little off roading

All smiles at the winners circle

"Please, one more"

A last hooray!