Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treaters

The girls enjoyed another wonderful Halloween of passing out candy to the neighborhood kids.

They love to wear their costumes and greet the trick or treaters outside.

 Monkey Lillian was into lots of mischief.
 Checking out the treats before giving them out.
 Yum yum, candy!
 Cheeky monkey! Trying to steal the loot.
 Cowgirl poses and smiles!
 Cold Monkey
 Lots of children came out that evening. Can you see the monkey getting into more mischief?
 Sneaky monkey, trying to take the candy.
Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fall Festival

While Saturday dawned very cold, the sunny but breezy day set the perfect tone for an afternoon at John Knox and the Fall Festival.

Each year I take the girls (in their costumes) to the fall festival held at John Knox. They love it.

Upon arriving, the girls headed straight for the games.

 Pick the lucky Lollipop was the first. Madison won a stuffed elephant, Lillian just wanted the lolli.
 Lillian did quite well at the bean bag toss, she got everyone in the hole :)
 Madison seemed to have the knack for tossing the bags, too.
 Next Lillian played the clothes pin game. She had to hold the clothes pin to her nose and then drop it in the jar. She thought it was a lot of fun.
 Cupcake penny toss was next in line.
 Lillian preferred placing the pennies in the trays instead of throwing them.
 Moving on to the ring toss and horse roping.
 Lillian was all about the prize at the end. (This time she picked a rainbow tattoo)
 Have you ever seen a monkey hula hoop? Now you have!
 After a quick lunch of hot dogs and applesauce, the girls raced to the bounce house. They spent the next 45 minutes having a grand time.
 Our little monkey enjoyed being bounced around, she was never on her feet for more then a second.
 Chatting with Josh about "nanas". Every monkey loves a good banana.
 It did not seem to matter how many times Lillian fell down, she always had a giggle and smile.
 The two sisters jumping away.
 Down again!
 They tried holding on but it didn't seem to help.
 Silly faces! Can you see the monkey?
 Much better, just jumping with sisie.
 Mommy's Little Monkey
 Cowgirl Madi bouncing away.
 "Help me stand up, Nana"
 "No, I hold on"  Jump jump jump!
 Nana's little cow girl.
 Crawling back in. Just a few more bounces before it was time to leave.
 Bounce house boo boos. By the third bump on the head, we knew it was time to go.
 Thanks Nana for taking us to the fall festival. We had a great time.
Let's do it again next year!

Pumpkin Picking

It is a Sparkman tradition to visit the pumpkin patch each fall and find the perfect pumpkins.
Since carving pumpkins has proven to be a tramautic (and messy) experience, we opt to select pumpkins that are best for making pie.

 The girls loved sitting on the pumpkins in the yard before heading inside the barn.
 Daddy's little pumpkins
 Once inside the barn, the girls enjoyed looking for the perfect pumpkins.
 Madison made her choice easily but Lillian was not too certain.
 "I got it"
 The perfect choices.
 Lillian liked the smallest pumpkin, the one without a stem.
 Madison went for a slightly larger pumpkin with a long stem to hold onto.
 After purchasing our pumpkins and some hot apple cider, we headed outside for a bit of play.

Madison did a great job pumpkin sitting while Lillian went to off to play in the grass by Daddy.
 "Peek boo, sisie"
 Sisterly love, at its finest!

The old wooden wagons made for a perfect setting for pictures and a bit of play.
 Playing around the orchard
 The sister balancing act.... coming your way soon.
 Airplane Lillian, coming in for landing
 A final race up the hill and back to the car to head for home.