Monday, June 30, 2014

Cooper and Thomas Visit the Museum

The boys loved visiting the museum together...

Climbing play areas
Coloring with Nana

Playing Grocery Store

 Cooper especially loved dressing up like a fireman
 Papa joined in to help them build a big Lego tower
Putting on a play

 Then heading over to play trains

 Pirate Cooper and First Mate Papa
Another day of adventures complete.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Dominican Republic- Baseball

After our first day at the worksite and the nature of the project we were to complete, it was decided that our team could best serve the people in the Dominican by broadening our areas of service.
The Mighty 4 returned each day to continue work at the site and the remaining team members were split amongst various other missions.

On Tuesday June 3, 2014 the girls and I were asked to go Play Baseball

The baseball diamond was just a short walk from the Compound and when we arrived just after 9am there were already children playing (8 to be exact).

Those of our team whom were to play baseball along with a few of the Summer Interns were introduced to the coach who welcomed us to the field. We were soon divided into teams... first the Dominican children (all boys) then the men of our group and last the ladies.
While a traditional baseball team has 9 (and softball teams have 10) our teams had 14 players.
One team headed in to bat while the other team filled the field... the Dominican children would take the "best" spots- choosing the bases, pitching, and center field and short stop first leaving the rest of us to fill in the gaps.

The game quickly began and it was evident that these boys play together and they play well. They were patient with our various skills, always willing to take a step closer when pitching or slowing the ball down. But never willing to let some one too easily get on base :)

It was a fun morning of playing together.
So much fun that Tuesday that the girls and I returned (with Rob) on our last day (Friday June 6, 2014).

Here are a few highlights of our games...

While I never scored... I was quite pleased with my base hit
Madison did amazing... quickly grabbing a Mitt, lining up to bat and giving it her all
Running toward first base
Just keep running, Moopers.
One of the players that was with us both days was being scouted by the Major Leagues. We wish our new friend the best of luck with his endeavors.

While it would be easy to ask "How will God use us to minister to the people by playing baseball" the answer is very clear. We joined the people where they were. We played together, sharing laughter and building relationships and memories. It was about putting aside an agenda and stopping to live life. God used us to fill the out field, to complete the batting line up, and to unite together as a team. 
It was about giving of one self and getting nothing in return.

On A Side Note: I want to thank my dad for his love of baseball and the experiences he has given me in my life. Your teachings came in handy and I easily remembered what you taught me as a young girl playing softball. 
My pinkies and thumbs were together and my cartwheels were just as good in the outfield :)

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Outside Adventures with Thomas

Meanwhile back in New Hampshire....

The boys and their toys
Playing outside with Thomas

Rocks, Trucks, and shovels Oh My!

A visit to Aunt Beth's is not complete without a trip to the caboose.
Playing on the swing set with Thomas

A walk on the trail

A quick game of Team Umizoomi at the Park
Playing catch
And then back to the rocks... always back to the rocks

Of course I had to save my favorite picture for last... this one brings a smile to my face.
I hope it brightens your day too!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Dominican Republic- Work Site

Monday June 2, 2014-Thursday June 5, 2014

Our first day at the worksite.
The drive from the the Compound to the worksite was an hour and half.
Our task for the week was to dig and lay the foundation for a church in San Francisco.

Our entire team of 18 went to the worksite the first day.

The trenches were to be 3 feet deep. The clay was heavy and the work was hard.
We dug, raked and pick axed in the trenches...
Everyone helped, doing what they could and giving their all.

We were joined on the site by locals from the village who were eager to share their skills and time to build their church.

After 2 hours of laborious work, we stopped for lunch (sandwiches, chips and water :) and 14 members of our team boarded the Gecko to travel to the VBS site.

The Mighty 4 (Rob and 3 other men of our team) remained at the worksite the rest of the first day and returned each day after to continue this project.

The following pictures are of their progress-

Their dedication and hard work completed the digging and pouring of cement by Day 4 of our work week.

The Mighty 4