Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Niki!

In celebration of this milestone birthday (let's face it, every birthday is a milestone worth celebrating) Niki and I headed to a girls night out at Beef and Boards.
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers gave us a few giggles and plenty of memories of our time together.

No birthday celebration would be complete without dessert.
Of course, nothing but something classy would do for the pair of us.
So we ordered chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches and toasted to many more birthdays together.

I am so glad we could be together.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Derry, NH-we're on our way!

Bright and early Friday morning (6:30 to be exact) we arrived at the Indianapolis Airport for our flight to the east coast. With just a short layover at Midway Airport in Chicago we arrived at lunch time for our special weekend in New Hampshire.

This was our first flight with Lillian since she was able to move around and it proved to be an eventful trip.

She had to sit in her "own" seat and preferred drinking her juice out of an airplane cup rather then her sippy cup. With her very secure cuddle strapped (no official seatbelt for her since she was technically a lap child) around her belly she enjoyed watching the plane land with Pa.

We finally compromised and squished her between Madi and I in her "own" seat.

A quick lunch at Cracker Barrel was our only stop before arriving at Beth and Sean's.

Throughout the weekend we enjoyed visiting the nearby caboose.

With Big Sister Madi on top of the world, Lillian was sure to hold on tight until someone came to rescue her.

Where did Madi go?

We also enjoyed the continual entertainment of the interactions of the cousins: Madison, Lillian, and Loki.
Especially Lillian and Loki- no loops for you!

Can I pet the puppy, please?

Nice puppy.

Which one will jump first....

Catch the bubbles- this was especially hilarious since both Lillian and Loki tried to catch the bubbles to eat them.

The beautiful weather was perfect for long walks on the near by trail.
It was great to meander through the woods, laughing and racing together.

Of course there is always time for a break

and some acorn collecting.

Lillian preferred walking with Nana

or riding on Pa's shoulders.

Our last evening together, we shared a family meal of homemade spaghetti, wilted lettuce, garlic bread, and warm chocolate chip cookies with ice cream and playing games together.

Pa, Omi, Madison, Uncle Sean and I enjoyed rather long game of Phase 10.

Look out for Omi's monster face- she was not winning.

Meanwhile, Lillian and Daddy enjoyed playing with the Iphone in the living room and watching football. Lillian loves pushing the button to light up the screen.

It was a short weekend trip but a great chance for some family bonding.
Can't wait for Thanksgiving.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Madi's Now a Brownie

Its official, Madi is now in Brownies!

She is now a part of troop 1905 and has already had her first meeting.

In celebration of Brownies centennial year, Miss Emma sent Madison the official centennial shirt (Thanks Puffin!)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Business Trip to the UK

Rob and I were lucky enough to travel together on our last business trip to the UK.
We were gone a total of 11 days, splitting our time between our home away from home in Godalming and the International Sales meeting in Paris, France.

While we were away the girls enjoyed a few days with Nana and Pa before Grammie Ellie flew up from Florida to spend the week with the girls.
Everyone had a fabulous time!

As part of the Sales meeting, our VIP outing was a dinner cruise in Paris.

Along the river we saw 12 different sites including the Eiffel Tower,

All glitzed up at 11pm for the end of our trip!

and La Statue de la Liberte (Statue of Liberty- a copy of the American Statue of Liberty, given to the city in 1889 to celebrate the French American Friendship)

Dinner included:
Roasted Angus Beef and Caramelised Shallott with Bordelaise Sauce for Rob

Pan fried Fillet of Guild Head Bream with Grenoble Style Dressing for Aliza
Aka Fish in white sauce- very yummy if you took the olive garnish off

Traditional sides of mashed potatoes, Ratatouille, and artichokes and onions in a creamy garlic sauce

And finallly, Pudding
White Peach Melba with Caramelised Almonds for Aliza

and Crepes Suzette with Raspberry Butter for Rob

Between courses we ventured out onto the back deck with "Uncle" Gary (our US sales guy and travel companion) for a closer view of the sites.

It was from there that we saw the beautiful cathedral of Notre Dame

You could even catch a glimpse of the gargoyles.

Our boat cruising companions include members of the HGL France, HGL UK, HGL Germany and HGL US teams.

It was an evening full of smiles and good memories.

Our events of our trip included:

A visit with Madi's best friend Roni- who is proudly displaying her pillow name she had requested I make.

A Saturday afternoon to wander around London again

Our wandering took us from the South Bank with a view of the London Eye,

Past Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, and the Underground

Around Buckingham palace with a quick photo op with the guards

A rest in St James Park on the lawn

Walking under the shade of the big trees

Past another set of guards (sadly this trip they had them barricaded off and thus I was not able to stand directly beside the guard as I had before)

Through the arches

Down Oxford Street, a quick stop at Trafalgar Square before we went to meander around Covent Gardens

We also each enjoyed a evening out with friends (For Me: Pizza Express for Lisa's birthday and Rob a curry night)

It was a fab trip and we hope to return real soon.