Thursday, October 30, 2014

Disney World

Rob surprised us with a day trip the Magic Kingdom and the promise to return for a week long adventure very soon. I was over the moon excited (I love Disney) and the Sparkles were pretty excited too.

After we told the Sparkles that we were going to Disney we asked that they make a list of the most important things to do since we were only there for 1 day.

Here was the list.... (it took all day but we managed them all)

Madison- Ride Space Mountain

Meet Belle
Meet Anna and Elsa from Frozen (well she actually wanted to meet Olaf but Madison said that was unlikely since we were in Florida and it was too hot)

Cooper- Mickey Mouse

As a family we also wanted to ride the new Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Mine Coaster.

We arrived at the park just as it opened and headed straight back to Fantasy land.

Planning our adventure:

We first waited in line for the 7 dwarves coaster (Elsa and Anna already had a 90 minute wait and Belle was not open yet).

 There were neat interactive games to play while you waited in line. Lillian enjoyed the gem barrels the best.
 Riding the coaster... Can you spot Cooper behind Lillian?
It was his first big boy ride and he loved it.
 Then off to the teacups- a family favorite for sure.
 The Sparkles LOVED driving cars on the speedway

 and shooting aliens on Buzz Lightyear
 We finally met Belle just before lunch!
 Then it was on to Splash Mountain
 A quick visit with Woody and Jessi
 Then back to Fantasy land to ride Dumbo (Someone was very sleepy and needed a quick nap while we waited).

 The girls also enjoyed meeting Ariel in her Grotto.

While the girls and I waited to meet Anna and Elsa- Daddy and Cooper enjoyed exploring the park together.
They rode Buzz Lightyear again
 Watched the 3D Mickey show
 Stopped by the castle
 Rode the Carousal
 and ended on the People mover (Cooper loves this ride... thanks Nana :)
Cooper even caught a nap while he waited for us- we were in line over 2 hours.
 But it was well worth the wait to see the smile on Lillian's face (and Madison's) when they met the two newest princesses.

 We also snagged a quick picture with Tinker Belle before the parade (the wait was less then 5 minutes)

 And to end our evening.... we finally met Mickey Mouse.
Mickey Mouse even sang the Hot Dog song with us :)

Until our next Disney adventure (which will be very soon)

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Florida Park Fun

While visiting Uncle Caleb and Aunt Susanne the Sparkles enjoyed visiting a few of the local parks. They had a blast!

The Sparkles can't wait to come back.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Boat Trip

And since the sunset sail was such a success... we decided to take a longer boat ride the next day.

Setting sail

 Taking a tubing break...
 Cooper loved "swimming" in the Gulf- his life jacket handle was quite handy.

 Family pictures...

 Lillian steering us home
Another day to count our blessings.