Saturday, May 30, 2009

Daddy Bike Ride

Saturday afternoon exercise
While Mommy was away at her afternoon fitness class (a 1.5 hour grueling workout including strength training, core workout, and cardio) Daddy and his girls headed to the store to buy Lillian her very own bike seat.
By the time Mommy got home, they were ready to go (they had to put the seat together, install it on Daddy's bike and have a snack).

Like a father duck and his little ducklings, off Rob rode with Lillian safely buckled in her new bike seat cocoon and Madison closely riding behind.

Another great father daughter activity!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Window with a View

Step 1: Climb up on Sisie's lovie box

Step 2: Take a rest- its hard work to climb

Step 3: Make sure you like what you see

Step 4: Look out the window and enjoy the view

Thursday, May 28, 2009

On the brink of walking

While she has yet to take her first step without holding on to something or someone, this past week Lillian has enjoyed pushing her Lion (a Christmas present from Aunt Nancy and Uncle Kurt) around the house. She can't turn corners but Big Sister Madison is always willing to help.

Whoa, Lion- not so fast!

Look out for the chair!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Madison's First Grade Awards

The end of the year is finally here!

Today was Madison's first grade awards ceremony.

Mrs. Lucas, Madison's teacher at Bridgeport Elementary, handed out the awards to Madison's classmates.

Awards included: Perfect attendance, A/B honor roll, Straight A honor roll, Citizenship, Kindness, Improvement, and Special Areas-art, music, physical education, and media center.

Madison received the Citizenship award for the 4th grading period and the entire year

And Straight A Honor Roll for the 4th grading period and the entire year.

Madison is exemplary in every area of her report card (social studies, math, science, reading, and writing) and is very proud to be promoted to 2nd grade next year. Her second grade teacher will be Mrs. Gilbert.

She is on grade level in all subjects and considered advanced in reading- she is reading at a 3rd grade level.

We are very proud of her hard work and accomplishments this year.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Temper Tantrums of Lillian

With absolutely no vocabulary (besides her various sounds that we associate with different things) Lillian has resorted to SCREAMING to get her point across.
The kid certainly has a set of lungs to be proud of.

After 22 minutes of wailing, She finally fell asleep amidst her toys out of sheer exhaustion.

If this keeps up, I can only imagine what the Terrible Twos will bring!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Down the Stairs

While Lillian mastered climbing up the stairs a few weeks ago (she sure can scurry up them quickly), she only recently figured out how to go down the stairs by herself.

(Sometimes she forgets where she is going and will go down 4-5 stairs only to climb back up to the top and then back down again.)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sleepy Time

Like mother like daughter.

Cuddled up in the BIG bed, Lillian and I enjoyed a morning of sleeping in before starting our busy day.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Final Holiday Memories- Going to school

On the last day of their holiday, Roni attended school with Madison as a visitor.
She was so excited to go to American school and be in First grade.
Both girls had a blast!

Here are just a few final pictures of Roni and Lisa's Coming to America Visit!

A real American Post Box- Hello, Farncombe Infant School!

Both girls had a great time making their short stuff characters and other crafts each afternoon.
(Thanks Aunt Marge for the craft books.)

Lillian's Ice Cream face- more, please

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Jump N' Play

Armed with a coupon (buy one get one free), we headed to Jump N' Play for a morning of fun.

With the big girls happily jumping and Lillian asleep in her car seat, Lisa and enjoyed an uninterrupted hour of chatting together.

The girls had a blast!

Slide time! Here they come...

Full of smiles and giggles

Taking a break from the slides to climb the rock wall- both girls easily reached the top!

A sweetie for the ride home- made in Indiana Rock Candy!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Children's Museum Fun

Tuesday afternoon we "raced" to meet Pa at the Children's Museum for some exploration and fun.
With the museum under renovation and the warm sunny weather outside, the Museum was practically empty, it was like our own private visit.

The Museum was full of things to see and do.

First stop, DINO sphere!

Dino Madi hatching her eggs.

Digging for fossils
(Typical Madi- she asked the Museum worker "do you ever change the fossils, I have already dug these up before)

Moulding clay models of the Dinos

Train station ticket office (the ticket said- Madison to Indianapolis, Roni thought that was neat and both girls took a ticket home as a souvenir!)

All aboard!

In Science works the girls (with the help of Pa and us Mum's) built this bridge.

What happens if you take out the keystone?

TaDa! It still stays up.

Sliding down the rock slide

Madi's turn

They are officially from Indiana now...

No trip to the museum would be complete without a ride (or two) on the carousel. We were the only ones on it!

Whoa pony!

Roni and her mum Lisa

Lilli's first carousel ride and of course she had to ride the Lion.

Another great memory!

A Special Birthday Lunch

Since the girls birthdays are only a day apart (Madison's birthday is May 10th and Roni's is May 11th) we decided to celebrate with one special birthday lunch together.

Lunch at Old Spaghetti Factory in Downtown Indianapolis included special seating in the Trolley Car and a table all of their own for the birthday girls.

Even Lillian enjoyed looking at the menu (which she later enjoyed smashing ravioli in it)

Our choices:
Appetizer/Starter: Garlic Cheese bread
Madison- applesauce, spinach ravioli-no sauce, a fruit bar and root beer
Roni- salad w/o dressing, spaghetti with a meatball, a fruit bar and sprite
Lisa and Aliza- salad w/ honey mustard dressing, a sampler of spaghetti (4 different sauces- meat, clam, marinara, and brown butter and cheese), spumoni ice cream and diet coke

Happy 7th Birthday Madison and Roni!