Monday, November 27, 2017

My yi yi Birthday

As a surprise birthday gift, Rob and I went to the Billy Joel concert.
Rob was able to fly home and whisk me away to Downtown. (I had no clue)

I love Billy Joel and to see him live was a wonderful experience.

A perfect night with my love- great music and many memories.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

D Day

Today marks 1 year since my diagnosis
It was originally a day I thought I wanted to mark with celebration- time with friends and joy filled memories

But I am just not ready yet to celebrate. 

I spent this day a year ago tucked into my turtle shell quietly processing the journey ahead
I slunk away from loved ones and curled inward to prepare to face outward the impending journey. 

A year later, no matter my brave intentions, I am slinking back into my shell to quietly reflect on where I was a year ago and the journey that is still ahead. 

Remission is its own journey with knowns and unknowns and unlike treatment, there is no "normal" or set series of milestones. Much of the information is based on how I feel and often is difficult for me to articulate. 

I am easily overwhelmed and often feel short circuited. 
Sounds are amplified, multiple noises (crowds) are hard to filter. 
I grasp to hang onto concentration and often feel as if I heard nothing. 
There are times that I am overstimulated by anything more then silence  and even times when silence is too much to process. 

To others this may look like I am short tempered, frazzled, stressed and easily overwhelmed- which may be true but there is so much more to it. 

And I am discouraged  that there is still so much out of my control and so much unpredictability. 

There are days when the only visible growth is my hair (in all it’s beautiful curliness) and progress is sometimes unrecognizable 

Days when I feel stuck on a long narrow road... the past not that far behind and the future still too distant and uncertain to be hopeful. 

I am not ready to celebrate... 
but I am ready to embrace this milestone-
a day that changed the course of my life
a day I chose Joy 

May you you also choose joy in your journeys

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Grand Nationals

The end of the band season is finally here.... BOA Grand Nationals.

Avon Place 3rd in Finals.

Madison's cheering section
(So excited to have Aunt Beth, Evelyn, and Thomas with us)

Here is the finale
 Madison is playing the trombone on the platform (she is on the left side of the platform)
Celebrating a great show with two of her good friends
Well Done Moopers and The Marching Black and Gold- be proud of your hard work and a great show.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017


Our school district is implementing e-learning for the students to utilize on days off of school and weather issues or delays,
All assignments and responsibilities are listed online for the students to complete.

It was an interesting day with moments of challenge and moments of blessings.

 Everyone hard at work.
And when the work was complete, it was time to play :)

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Texas Bound

Madison is heading off to Texas with the band to compete in the San Antonio BOA Super Regional

We are so proud of her and the band members and the hardworking they have put into their season.

Have a fantastic trip Madi.

A new way to play

Legos when Cooper is really tired :)