Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring Re-model

Like every Spring in the Sparkman household, it was time for another home improvement.
This time... new flooring in the living room.

Good-bye yucky,carpet. Hello laminate floors.

First- Demo of the old floors, lots and lots of dust.

Pa and Rob tore up the old carpet while I rolled and bagged it up for trash collection.

Foreman Lilli supervised from her "post",

That is unless she was on a "milk" break.

After the carpet was up it was time to rip up the padding- luckily it was not glued down!

This too had to be bagged for trash collection.
The next step-lay the moisture layer (Madison was a big help with fluffing the sheets up) and padding.

With the demo complete, the moisture barrier and pad laid it was time for the real fun to begin.

Progress was slow but well worth the time and effort.

It was rather fun to tap each plank in and to see the floor come together.

Rob did an awesome job measuring all of the boards for a perfect fit.

Just 9 hours from when we began (including a break for lunch and dinner), the floors were finished.

It was an additional 4 hours on Sunday to put the finishing touches on our new living room-laying the quarter round,painting and caulking the trim, placing and rearranging the furniture, cleaning up the fire hazard of cables behind the TV, and giving it all a good clean!

In the end, the hours, effort and sore muscles were well worth the final results.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Zoo Time

We took advantage of the warm weather and made our maiden voyage to the zoo on Sunday.

While the parking lot was very full and the line to the parking booth long, inside the zoo was not too crowded.

While the picture does not quite do it justice, the girls are sitting in the viewing aquarium.
"yeah fish" said Lilli

The seals were swimming about and we enjoyed the time to watch them play together.

Inside the dolphin viewing area, Lillian enjoyed pushing her bugging around while Madison and enjoyed a cool break from the hot sun.

Both girls found the lizards in the deserts interesting and fun to watch.

A trip to the zoo wouldn't be the same without a picture with Omi's giraffe.

Or a long jump on the "jumping" bridge to see the Rhinos.

Of course, Lilli had to see her lion.

A trip the zoo would not be complete without a picture with Aunt Niki's ellie's (taken by Madison).

Lilli is as big as a mini pony. Madison is between the 12 and 13 hand marks of the horses.

Lillian was all smiles and giggles for our first (of many) trips to the zoo.
Madison also had a great time but was very busy taking pictures of her own- thus why there are so few pictures of her.

It was a great family afternoon at the zoo. We can't wait to go back.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Lillian's 11 months old!

It is hard to believe that Lillian is now 11 months old- next month she will be 1!
She continues to explore and try new things.
Among her favorites includes...

Playing on the BIG bed

Chewing on her crib (or anything that she can get a hold of)

And of course crawling around the house.

Lillian definitely has a personality all of her own and really dislikes being told NO.

When she gets really unhappy, she will crawl part way toward you and then reach toward you as if to say..."I'm too upset to go any further-come get me"

It is rather cute to watch.

Lillian continues to be a joy and blessing in our family and we are excited to see what the next months adventures will be.