Monday, October 31, 2011

Jack O Lanterns

The girls were thrilled to light their pumpkins. Lillian loved to watch them glow (particularly from her bed when she was supposed to be going to sleep)

Happy Halloween

It was brought to my attention that we have no Halloween tradition. Every year is a new adventure. 
                     This year we joined with our friends to share a meal (Little Caesars pizza) and trick or treating together.
 Our Little Minions!
 Heading out into the breezy evening.
Goggles ready!
 Walking with our good friend Batman
 Lillian racing to keep up (the theme of the evening :)
 Racing for more candy. Lillian quickly caught on.
 On to the next house
 Oops.. she tripped and spilled her candy. Might as well check out what she got.
 Posing with our friends before heading home.
 Our Little Minions, all tuckered out.
I wonder what next years tradition will be.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Carving Pumpkins

The girls were very excited to carve their pumpkins with Pops after we got back from the pumpkin patch.

 Love the face Madi!
 Supervisor Lillian was on hand to help
 Digging in...

 Making sure to scoop all the seeds for Mommy to roast

 "Pops, are you sure you know what your doing"

 Madi is getting so big... here she is carving her own pumpkin

Their pumpkin creations are a secret until Halloween...

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Cooper's Baptism

With friends and family gathered near, today we celebrated the Baptism of our son, Cooper Alton.

Big Sister Madison participated in the service by leading the congregation in a prayer.

 We (Rob and I) along with Cooper's godparents (Tyler and Heather and their daughters Gabbie and Alexandra, big brother Trey was not with them) joined Pa for the ceremony.
 Pa- asking for the commitment and support of the parents
 Cooper and Pa- sharing a moment (empathy for the cold water on his head)
 Celebrating the newest "lamb"
 So glad to have the support of our parents with us on this special day
 Cooper's great grandparents, Omi and Opi, were able to make the trip from Chicago
 Cooper's Godparents- Tyler and Heather
 Our son- what a blessing and gift from God
 Cooper wore the same baptism gown as his older sisters (and his mom)
 A baptism cuddle with Grammie Ellie
 Posing with Pops
 The newest little angel- check out his wings :)

 Omi's great grandson
 Our friends- Aunt Niki, Uncle Kevin and Cynthia

After the ceremony we returned to our house to share a meal together.

Baptism After Party

To celebrate Cooper's baptism, we invited our family, Cooper's godparents, and our friends to share a meal together at our home.

The menu- Italian beef sandwiches, baked beans, Cole slaw, veggies and dip and for dessert

 Lillian just had to have a blue one... (she loved eating the chocolate off the cake)

 Sharing a bite with Daddy

 Forget the stick... I will just use my hand
 All done- in only 5 bites

Meanwhile in the living room, Alexandra and Cynthia enjoyed sitting in the girls chairs
 Cooper's new "cousin"
 All the kids (minus Lillian who refused to have her picture taken and Cooper who was taking a nap)
 Alexandra and Cynthia- fast friends

We are so blessed to have friends and family to celebrate Cooper's special day. Thanks everyone for making the trip.