Friday, October 14, 2011

Sorting out Omi

This weekend we made the 3.5 hour drive to Chicago to help Omi and Opi as they prepare to move (they are hoping to move to an 5th floor condo with elevator access).

Our goal was to sort/organize/clean every room, closet, drawer and cabinet. And we did just that.

We arrived at our hotel Friday evening and after a short swim in the pool, went to bed early to be ready for Saturday.

After another adventure in the pool, we returned to our room to get ready for the day.
Madison and Cooper enjoyed cereal and cartoons together while the rest of us showered and dressed.
(Well Madi enjoyed the cereal and Cooper just watched the cartoons)

Everyone had a job to do that day:
Opi was in charge of holding Cooper while we worked. They both did great :)
Madison was in charge of checking the gazillions of pens we found to see if they worked (she also enjoyed using the pens to color and draw).
 Lillian sorted Lollipops (and taste tested a few too)
 Omi moved from chair to chair and designated which items were to keep, to sell, to donate or to throw out. She was awesome!
Nana and I boxed, bagged, disposed and organized the sorted items.
At the end of the day, we had 10 bags to Goodwill, 6 boxes for the church rummage sale, 3/4 of the dumpster filled and the trunk of the Rav4 with stuff for home.

Reward Cuddles for Omi after a job well done.
 Then it was back to the hotel.
We enjoyed watching Bugs Life together while we waited for our pizza to be delivered.
 Aunt Marge joined us for pizza and a swim in the pool.
 Then showers and bedtime.
Cooper was fascinated with the TV. He loved to lean toward the screen.
A very productive weekend!