Friday, July 27, 2012

Ready for the Olympics

In honor of the Olympics in London this summer, the girls have enjoyed sporting their UK spirit.

 Thanks Bethan for the great shirts! We love them.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tasty Science and other Adventures

This past week was full of fun and surprises.
While Mama was at work, the girls enjoyed a variety of activities:

They are always excited to draw and color!
 Cooper and his Ma"di"
 "What are you going to do today?"
 Heading toward trouble
 Making cupcakes with Bethan
 Silly Lillian
 A mid-afternoon pedicure
 Stopping to have a snack- Rice Crispies are a new favorite
 They especially enjoyed Tasty Science experiments
 Tasting the cookie dough
 Getting ready to test their taste buds
 First taste test...
and  SALTY
 Meanwhile, back at the patio door :) Cooper is wishfully looking at the back yard
 Taste buds successfully tested now on to more tasty treats- sugar cookies
 Supervisor Cooper is back in his high chair and  is not so sure about the mess his sisters are making
I wonder what next week's adventures will be...

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Scrappy Quilts- Revisited

The girls were sad to see the scrappy quilt adventure come to a close and wanted a way to remember the little friends whom they blessed with warm blankets.

As a reminder of the quilts that were sown for the children in Tennessee, the girls decorated flip flops with the scrappy quilt scraps.

Spreading out the scraps
 and trying on the flip flops
 Let the tying begin...
As each scrappy strip was tied, a prayer was said for the child that would be receiving a scrappy quilt this fall. That they would be blessed with warmth and be filled with God's love.
 Lillian's are done, just waiting on the big girls

 Our friend Bethan, from the UK, joined in the fun
 One sandle to go
 Flip Flops complete
Teaching our girls... to walk in their faith

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Cooper's Birthday Party

We chose to celebrate Cooper's first birthday on his actual birthday (Saturday July 14) and were blessed to be with friends and family throughout the day.

Pops flew up for the weekend to celebrate with Super Cooper
 Gathered around the deck visiting together
 All together!
 Even Grammie Ellie was able to make a quick birthday trip to visit during the week.

We gathered in the living room to watch Cooper open and enjoy his gifts
Riding with style... He loves his sisters Big Wheel
 Forget pedaling... its faster to crawl
 Playing with the tissue paper
 "Hey Mama, what's next"
 "Wow, an Olympic shirt just like his big sisters"
 Having a cuddle with his new lion bean bag
 His very own Nana bag- Friday's will never be the same
 Checking out his new toys from Aunt Beth and Uncle Sean (balls and super heros)
 Taking a play break on the floor
 Then off to play in the trash bag- look at all the paper
 Getting help from his Big sister Lillian
 Showing off his favorite gift- YELLOW tissue paper
 Standing to open his next gift (Hint: its a pirate ship)
 Helping to up it together
 Taking his first steps with his new Thomas the Train. Thanks Omi- it is the perfect gift (Mama is not quite ready for her baby boy to be walking yet but Thomas could not wait ;)
 After the gifts it was time to head outside for the real fun- Bounce House shenanigans
Even the adults enjoyed the fun
Just bouncing around
 Stopping to show Mama how much fun it is
 Nanny Emily
 Nanny Emily did a fantastic job with Nanny Haley keeping everyone safe

Big and Small they enjoyed it all!

 Lillian back for more bouncing
 Just jumping around
 Super Cooper came to check it out and to watch over everyone
 "What are they doing" (one of my favorite pictures of the day)
 Happy little Super Man
 Frog Jumps
 and belly crawls
 "Thanks Uncle Kevin for coming"
 Then it was time to go inside and eat cake!
 Mini Lion cupcakes made by Mama
 and a Lion smash cake for the "Mane" Birthday Boy
 Waiting patiently for everyone to start singing
 Blowing out his candle with Mama- just like his big sisters
 The first touch
 "Are you sure"
 Taking his first nibble
 Here wanna taste
 Happy smashing

 He seems to be enjoying himself
 Making a big smash
 Check out my paws... why is one clean and one not?
 Tasting his cake
 Mmmm cake
 Getting a bigger bite
 Just playing
 Yum yum
 "Hey, how come they get cake too?"
"Hmmm do I want any more"
 "What? I don't want a wash cloth"

Time for clean up- which required a bath and a super hero costume change :)

Thanks to everyone who came (and those that were there in spirit) to celebrate Cooper's first birthday. It was a wonderful celebration of our little blessing!