Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Papi's Christmas

Christmas with Papi was so much fun.
The girls loved opening their gifts from Papi.

For Lillian a Music Stand and for Madison a toy laptop.

Together they received moving blocks.

Madison was very patient with Lillian as they worked together to open the gift.

Looks like something for Daddy to put together after we are home.

A toy they both really enjoy.

Since Lillian already had a music table at home (from Papi) we decided to let her exchange her gift for something different.
It was rather amusing to watch her walking the aisles of Toys R Us looking for the right gift.
T-Rex was in the running for a while but it still was not her favorite.

Top choice- the ride along Jeep but way too expensive and definitely too big for the drive by to Indy.

Lillian finally settled on the lap and ride driving toy- complete with turn signals and a horn. She loves the little mirror to look at herself. She even took turns driving us home to Indy.

An afternoon at McDonald's playland with Papi was a perfect way to spend our last day in Florida. (Mama and Daddy enjoyed a quiet lunch alone at Applebees).
Papi even spoiled them with ice creams afterward.

Madison loves her Papi, and Papi loves her.

Papi's girls

As usual, Lillian was not a big fan of pictures, at least we got one good one.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Visit to the Beach

Christmas in Florida would not be complete without a visit to the Beach. Just a 5 minute drive from Grammie and Grampie's house, we loaded ourselves into the car for an afternoon of fun.
It felt great to put our feet in the sand.

Rob and the girls loved skipping shells in the waves.

Waiting for the next big wave.

Lilli had to be occasionally rescued from the waves by Super Daddy.

That was a big one.

Ready, aim, shells away.

Father daughter moments.


A walk on the beach

Gathering shells together

A game of follow the leader-

"Come on Daddy, this way"

Mama's turn for a few cuddles

Never too big for a cuddle

"Shh listen to the water"

Gathering shells together

Lillian loved searching for the best one

Florida gator in the sand

"One, two...

Heading back up the beach

Beach babe

Kisses for Mama

Safe away from the waves

Heading down the beach, looking for better shells

"Just one more look"

Quick, the waves are coming

"Run, faster, Lilli

Piggies in the sand

A final glance, until next year

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Safari Mini Golf in Bonita

Every visit to Bonita we drive by the Safari mini golf and never have a chance to play, until this trip.
We enjoyed a family afternoon with Grammie Ellie and Aunt Abby at mini golf. The weather was sunny and warm; a perfect December day.

It was fun to pose at different holes for pictures.

Mama's little peanuts.

With Mama's help, Lillian was an expert putter.

She was very good about waiting her turn- usually while standing on the green.

Lilli's mini putter was the perfect size, although she still preferred Daddy's big club.

Lining up her next shot.

Hey, that's my ball.

Madi lines up for the 12th hole.

Hole in 2- I think we have a pro on our hands.