Sunday, May 29, 2011

Setting the Record Straight...

We DO NOT know the sex of Baby Button!

I have to admit that originally I was skeptical of not finding out the sex of our newest family member and waiting until D day for the reveal but never did I anticipate the reactions and mistrust of others :)

Just to bust a few myths....

*I have been caught on occasion to referring to Button as a he.
Part for maternal instinct (my gut reaction since finding out we were expecting) and part because I just don't like calling Button and IT.

*The nursery is not blue because we know we are having a boy.... (Great detective work, Omi). The nursery is blue because that is the color we painted the room 3 years ago when Madi and Lilli first started sharing a room and this became our guest room. It matched my bedroom suite of furniture (which is currently at my parents house, in an also blue painted room).

*The ultrasound tech COULD NOT determine Button's sex in the initial ultrasound and although Button was in an improved position at the second ultrasound, we requested not to find out the sex and are waiting to be surprised.

*While my OB has been caught calling Button a she, the OB does not know what the sex is either (the file is marked Unknown, I have seen it).

*We have tried all but the Drain-o test (which Rob banned) and it is official, we are having a baby!
Half the tests have been boy and the other half girl (these test include the Chinese calendar, string over the wrist, etc).

First Sprinkler of the Summer

Ever since our trip to Home Depot and our recent purchase (end of April) of a sprinkler, the girls have been anxiously waiting for a warm enough day to break out their new bathing suits for some summer fun.

Today was the perfect day (or at least warmer then the other days :)

Sporting their new swim shirts and shorts in the backyard. Thanks Grammie and Grampie. They are awesome and Pink!

 Water tricks (at least that is what I think Madison is trying to do)
 Not sure why Lillian is sporting such an unhappy face... Daddy probably told her No!
Another fun afternoon and looking forward to many more this summer.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Belly Snuggles

I am not one to proclaim infinite joy (or enthusiasm) in being pregnant but I have to admit that these sweet pictures (captured by Rob) make the experience a bit more endearing.

Snuggling with my girls, no better way to spend a Saturday afternoon!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Papa day Snuggles

Dr. Lillian

Always there to help "sort" the medicine....

Jump Time

Each year, the girls enjoy visiting Nana's school on the last day to play in the Bounce houses. They had a blast with the other children and exhausted themselves with 2 hours of jumping.

(For the adults, it is fun to see how the kids have grown and changed since their first years of jumping. Madi only a year old the first time she came to slide and now she is 9!)

 It seems that age 3 has brought about a sense of caution in our previously adventurous Lillian (Don't let her fool you, after a few attempts, she is as wild as the big kids).
 Big and Little
 Lillian's full body slide makes me giggle.
 But as long as she is happy when she reaches the bottom, that is all that matters.
Looks like she is ready to do it again.

Lillian decided to try things differently the next time on the slide and grabbed a buddy... Miss Kandice was the perfect choice (she is Noah's Mommy- Noah is climbing the stairs).
 Much better!

Leader of the pack Madison, showed the others the fun of sliding down the stairs!
After jumping the girls enjoyed a dinner of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and chips.

They can hardly wait for next year!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Girl Scout Bridging

I was a very proud Mama this evening to watch as Madison completed her Girl Scout Bridging from Brownie to Junior.

Her troop (along with 4 others) met in a local school auditorium to commemorate this special occasion. The troops were a combination of young and old (Daisy to Ambassador).

 Madison's "walk" from Brownie to Junior Girl Scout
Celebrating with the members of her troop and her fabulous leader- Ann.

Job well done!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Nursery Reveal...

With just 8 weeks to go until Button's arrival, it is finally time to reveal the nursery.

It was been so much fun sewing Button's nursery set and selecting the decor for the room. The room brings me much joy. I loved the months and hours of preparation.

This is the view as you walk into the room...
Button's crib- I loved this fabric. It has all the essential colors that were already in the room (blue for the walls, chocolate brown for the rug, with red/orange/ and green accents, and a warm butter yellow base).
 Button's Lion and a Gator bear awaiting to meeting their new friend
 My well loved cuddle chair has found its latest home (I am so glad that Rob would not let me get rid of it). The orange animal pillow matches 2 blankets for Button and the recently re-covered garage sale boppy accent the chair.
 A dresser and changing area of Button.
 And finally, my latest sewing project... a car seat blanket with animals and polka dots.
I can't wait to bring Button home to our family.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy 9th Birthday Madison!

Today is Madison's 9th birthday! I can hardly believe it.

We marked the day with her annual visit to Dr. Hensley.
Madison is 57" tall (just a foot shorter then Mommy) and growing strong.

We enjoyed a Mommy daughter breakfast at Chickfila before Madison returned to school. (She was anxious to see her teacher and share her birthday treats- Oreos- with her friends.)

Awaiting her when she got home, was her very first bouquet of flowers (pink, of course) sent by Omi and Opi. She was thrilled to have her own delivery.

Tonight we will have her birthday dinner- chicken enchiladas, rice and veggies and left over ice cream cake from Saturday's party.

Looking forward to another great year.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day!

Each year, Mothers day becomes more special. 
Some might think that this year is more special for us because of the impending arrival of Baby Button and while that is partially true, I have found that the specialness of the day comes from the manner in which the girls show their love to Mommy that year. 
(Every time Lillian sees me she shouts Happy Mothers Day- like when I got out of the car at church and walked around to unbuckle her, or when I picked her up from Sunday School, or while making lunch and I had gone into the other room to find my slippers). 

Mothers Day gifts are always a treat to receive and fun to see what the girls select. (They usually can't keep it a secret).
I have been blessed to have a wonderful mother who has taken it upon herself each year to shop with the girls for a mother's day gift for me and helped to steer the girls to meaningful mementos of their love. 

This year marked the year of the first "true" mother's day gift. The girls were stubborn in their decisions and gift selections.

Madison made her Mother's day gift at school- a coupon list of chores to do for Mommy and scented bath salts (made by her) for relaxing. She drew her card and kept the gift a secret and was proud to present it to me today. 
Madi was thrilled to have accomplished her gift on her own and eager to see my reaction. 
Thanks Moopers, it was a wonderful gift. 

Lillian gave a Lillian gift. 
(Thankfully Nana steered her away from something Dora :)
She was so excited to give it to me that she announced in the car (just around the corner from the house) what the gift was. 

Part one of the gift:
A hand print plaque:
(While all the other children in Sunday school made hand print plaques for their Mommy's Lillian made me a footprint (too messy for the fingers). 
Part two of the gift:
A heart box containing a pretty necklace (as shown in the picture)
and a notebook for my purse (so she can have paper to color)

I wish we had the camera ready to capture the sheer joy on Lillian's face as she presented her gifts. She was so proud to show Mommy what she had picked out and was anxious for Mommy to see the prizes. 

Only other mothers would understand the joy in my heart at receiving a gaudy necklace that I will wear out of love for my daughter. 
(Lillian was very concerned during lunch that I would spill on my necklace and ruin it).

I am blessed to be the mother of two wonderful, kind and loving daughters. 
Madison and Lillian are my treasures from heaven and I am so thankful to be their Mommy. 

This has been a wonderful Mother's day!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Afternoon with Daddy

An early mothers day present included an afternoon out for Mommy (with Nana) and a pedicure.

This is what Mommy came home to:

 All tuckered out- sleeping on the big bed together (Can you spot Madison wedged in the pillows?)
 A tornado of toys
 Woken up with raspberry kisses
Then outside for Popsicles (Daddy told the girls that whoever fell asleep could have a Popsicle when they woke up)

Mommy has pretty feet and the girls had a great day with their Daddy. A perfect gift!

Garage Sale junkie

With only one class left in Financial Peace University, I can say that I have learned a lot from Dave Ramsey and can see the impacts within our lifestyle.

I am becoming a Garage Sale junkie.
I have been on the look out for goods for Baby Button and getting them at bargain prices!

I have had quite a bit of success...

Our first purchase was a MacLaren stroller (its red and so easy to push. Lillian has already tried it out and said it was great)

Next came the HUGE sale at a local church where I found a diaper changing pad with 2 covers (for the dresser in the nursery) and a laundry basket of clothes (neutral for now but still very cute)

Today's bargains-
A pack 'n play (what a deal!)
Boppy pillow and cover (which I plan to recover with matching fabric for the nursery)
A few clothes for Button (I love finding onesies for a quarter)
and 2 large boxes of Lincoln logs for the girls (which were an instant hit)

It's great to see what bargains I have found and to compare the retail price to what we actually paid (amazing savings)

Birthday Bash for Madi

Today we celebrated Madison's 9th birthday (which is actually Tuesday May 10th).
As lives get busier, it is less challenging to celebrate birthdays on the weekend.

Nana and Papa joined us Saturday afternoon for gifts and lunch.

Madison was thrilled by all of gifts.
Thanks everyone for your thoughtfulness.
 New outdoor toys from Mommy and Daddy
 Several new books for our avid reader- she was ecstatic

 A pamper set to share with a friend
 Birthday greetings and wishes
 Oh my goodness...
 "What is it Sissie?"     A meer cat family from Bethan
 Lillian was a great helper and made the tough decision about which present for Madison to open next.

 Birthday greetings from cousin Loki

 Learning to crochet- the perfect summer craft.

 What can it be?
 Matching birthday outfits.
 More birthday greetings and wishes
 A pink dress

Summer clothes- perfect.

 (The face says it all)

Sister prizes from Aunt Beth:

 Oh wow a book!
 Oops... Nana mislabeled the packages. Open this book Lillian.
 Bear Snores On- an instant hit

With the presents all opened, it was time for a birthday lunch.
Madison requested salami sandwiches and baked beans (with a bit of encouragement she agreed to expand her menu to include other lunch meats- roast beef, ham, turkey, and pepperoni, cole slaw, potato salad and strawberries).
 The birthday girl was the first to make her sandwich.
Prepping the bread (mini sub rolls)
 Spreading on the mayo.
 Now slices of salami
 Adding slices of pepperoni
 Now time to eat!

After lunch (while Mommy and Nana cleaned up the kitchen), Papa and Daddy went outside to play with the girls. They really enjoyed playing with the new outdoor toys.
 Madison's birthday cake-
Homemade ice cream cake with M&M's and chocolate chips.
9 candles to make a wish
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday sweet Madison
Happy birthday to you!
 Making a wish (I hope its not for a puppy :)

Happy Birthday sweet Madison! We love you! xoxox