Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Weekend Adventures

While Mama and Daddy did this...

We had at great day at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. 
So blessed that Caleb, Sarah (Abby's dear friend), Abby and Oliver could join us. 

Some of our favorite rides included:
  • Rip Ride Rocket (a roller coaster where you listened to a music of your choice and it took a video of you as your rode- fantastic). We rode this one 3 times
  • Harry Potter Escape from Gringotts
  • Incredible Hulk Coaster (Much more fun from the front row)
  • Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey
We rode many others, some better then others (ET was better in my memory then in person).

The Sparkles did this...
Marching Band Competition for Madison (they took 2nd place)

These are 3 of my favorite people. I call them the Triplets. 
Breanna, Lyndsi and Madison. 
All born on May 10, 2002 :) 

Lillian had her 3rd skating lesson. 
This is the face she made when she realized she was skating backward. 

After skating lessons it was time to go home and paint. 
Mama's little artist. 

 And of course when Nana is in charge, there is always Zert (dessert). 
Frozen Yogurt from Orange leaf- their very favorite. 

A fantastic weekend for all!

Tuesday Night

Just a normal Tuesday evening

Madison at Marching Band practice

and the Littles home with Mama while Daddy is traveling for work.

First on the nightly list, making Silly faces to text to Daddy

 Then jammies and puppet making (Cooper said his was a Robot name Mr. Wiener Dog).

Finally stories and tucked into bed. 
I love my evenings with the Sparkles. You never know what adventures we will have.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

School days

Mama's Sparkles- they are growing up so fast.

Madison- Freshman
Loving Marching Band

Lillian- 3rd grade
 Cooper- Kindergarten

Friday, September 16, 2016


Rob and I snuck away to Chicago for quick trip last weekend. 

Caleb and Susanne were in the city for a conference and invited us to join them for dinner. 
It was so much fun to be together- eating, talking and enjoying the city. 

 And a course a visit to Chicago would not be complete without getting hot dogs from Gene and Jude's.
This is Rob's "happy" face about our detour and the long line.
My husband is the best!
 World's best hot dogs- some for now and a bag for later
 Sunshine, sports cars and time with me love- BLESSED!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Family Fun Day

Family fun day has finally arrived.

Labor Day we visited Rascals Fun Zone. (Thanks Papa for researching this great adventure)

Go karts, Bumper Cars, Bowling and Miniature Golf

Lillian was amazing driving the sprint car on her own. The bigger cars she rode shot gun.

 Taking a spin around the bumper cars
 Daddy and Cooper taking a spin- there was a special seat that fit on the front for Cooper to ride on. Cooper loved it and asked to go again (and again).

After a few spins around the bumper cars it was time for bowling.

Everyone enjoyed throwing the small balls for duck pin bowling and it was fun to watch each person's technique :)

 Oh man, gutter ball again.

There was time after bowling for each of us to ride the go karts one more time before heading out to play miniature golf.

Everyone but Cooper got a Hole in 1 and Madison had 2!
Final Scores:
Papa 48
Daddy/Rob 49
Aliza 51
Nana 53
Madi 58
Lillian 74
Cooper 77

Maximum score for each hole was 5 though Cooper played until he got it in which often resulted in an 11 or a 29 :)

We ended our time in the Arcade playing video games.
Nana conned each of the Sparkles out of a token (she did ask very politely) to play Skee Ball.
The girls played games to earn the most tickets and Cooper liked to race.
When the tokens were all gone, the Sparkles pooled their tickets together (225) and trade them in for prizes.
Cooper picked a police car, Lillian a bouncy ball, and Madison candy.

It was a fantastic family fun day. I am so blessed that we could all be together (including Nana and Papa) and have a chance to play together.

A family that plays together stays together!