Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Albert the 5

Yes, we finally got a new car!
Albert the 5 is a 2010 Grand Touring Mazda 5. The girls even have a DVD system for our long trips to Florida.

Lillian loves playing in "blue car" and is a pro at hitting all the buttons (quite a heart stopper when you turn the car on).

Looking forward to our new adventures and our newest member of the family.

Mom-vation to Seattle!

With things under control at the office and the girls off on their spring break adventures with Nana, Rob dropped me off at the airport to catch my flight to Seattle Tuesday afternoon.

I was so excited to visit my friend Sara and her husband Bill. They have lived in Seattle for 3 years and recently moved to their own house. Baby Bagel is expected at the end of May and we are all looking forward to meeting their little one.

Indy to Phoenix (4.5 hours), 45 minute layover, 3.5 hours and landing in Seattle.
Sara and Bill were waiting at the baggage claim and ready to whisk me off to our first adventure...drinks and yummy appetizers and dessert and the Palace.

We returned to the house and enjoyed chatting until the wee hours of the morning- 4:30am Seattle (7:30am Indy). Just a few hours of sleep and we were out the door for a full day of activities.

First stop, donuts. An apple fritter and and old fashion. I could have stayed there all day.

From the donut shop to the Market...
I was desperate to see the Fish Market where they throw fish (I had once seen it on Reading Rainbow and thought it was really neat.)
The stall was much smaller then I had expected but the fish were huge. We hung around for a half hour watching the hustle and bustle of the market before continuing our exploration.
We left the Market and met Bill for lunch near his office. The food was great and we finished off with a hot coffee from Starbucks.

On to the Space Needle. The weather could not have been more gorgeous.

Standing 52 stories (520 feet) above this beautiful city was breathe taking. It was fun to meander along the observation deck and read the historical facts of the Needle.

Spring was in full bloom. The tulips were amazing! The sun was shining and it was great to be with a friend.

Sara then took me to Kerry Park, which had another great view of downtown.
I even caught a glimpse of Mount Rainer.
Dinner included a view from the Pier and fresh seafood. I chose a sampler platter of halibut, shrimp and salmon.Yummy!

Tuesday dawned slight cloudy and cool and with the majority of our sight seeing completed the day before we took a more leisurely approach to our day.

The troll under the bridge is a great piece of community art work. Kids love climbing on the troll and and it was fun to see such a whimsical sight.

The highlight of our afternoon was visiting Theo chocolate and touring the factory.
The tour of this Organic, Fair Trade, Bean to Bar facility was awesome. We even saw them making truffles. The chocolate was delicious and we had many samples!
Home to relax before our heading to dinner at a local pizza joint and then enjoying an after dinner dessert at Molly Moos.

Friday morning came too quickly and it was time to return home. My 8:30 flight was right on schedule and I was home by 8 that evening.

It was wonderful to get away, to visit with a friend and to see the sites of a beautiful city but

Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Break with NanaPa

While Mommy was away, the girls did play!

Goldfish for breakfast in the Queen Chair
Sunny afternoons to fly a kite or go to the park
Lillian was overwhelmed by all of the park choices.
Building the Grand Canyon in the sand

Slide Time

Trying to fill Sisie's big shoes.... (actually putting on shoes to go play in the sand :)

And a trip to the Indy zoo
(This picture truly captures my girls... one thinks she is big while the other one wishes she were still little)

It was a great week of 'cation with lots of fun memories.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Madi's first movie

Madi decided to use her "I Love You" money to treat herself to a movie. Such a grown up girl to purchase her own movie ticket (with her own money). She even splurged on a movie kid pack- popcorn, fruit snacks, and a drink.

She even let Pa and Daddy tag along- of course they had to buy their own tickets!

"How to Train Your Dragon" was a hit for our family.

NanaPa Egg Hunt

Rather then trying to cram one more thing on Easter, we chose to celebrate with my parents on Palm Sunday.

The rainy weather kept the egg hunt indoors but the girls did not mind.

The girls were quite busy hunting for the 130 eggs.
Lillian was very excited to see that the eggs were filled with "yum yums."She loved helping to sort the treats after the hunt.

Sisters- playing and helping one another.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Message Bean

A hidden message that you grow! What a clever gift! Thanks Roni!