Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Jazz Band Concert

Madison has enjoyed being a member of her Middle School Jazz Band and was excited to share her holiday music with us.

She did a fantastic job- we are so proud of her hard work.

Her concert featured:
Jingle Bell Rock

Santa Baby

Doctor No-el

Plus a combined piece with the High School Jazz Band
Rest Ye Merry Samba

Jammin' in our Jammies

Lillian loved singing and dancing in her Winter Music Program.

Feature songs included:
Jammin' in our Jammies

A Kitty for a Present

Borwn Christmas

Count your blessings instead of sheep

Small Star


Madi's Winter Band Concert

Featuring Madi on the Baritone

Dance of the Slippery Slide Trombones
How the Grinch Stole Christmas Concert Medley

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Horseback Riding

The Sparkle girls have been asking for some time to go horseback riding and this past weekend, we drove to Ohio to visit Papa and their wish came true.

They had a blast and loved every moment of their adventure.

Hoover (left) and Q (right) were quite excited to have visitors.

 I love this picture the best :)
 Posing with Q (the girls could not ride him since he his leg was hurt- Q was kicked by Hoover) but they enjoyed petting him and giving him treats.

 The girls took turns riding Hoover and although Lillian was a bit timid to meet the horses she was the first to volunteer to ride.

 They each rode around the arena and also enjoyed playing soccer with Hoover.

 Practicing trotting :)
 Now its Madison's turn.

 Madison quickly got a hang of the reins and enjoyed doing figure eights with Hoover around the cones

 And of course playing soccer.

 Miss Debbie (Hoover and Q's owner) had amazing patience with the Sparkles and made it both a fun and educational experience- teaching the girls both terms and techniques and making the experience memorable for the Sparkles.

 The Sparkles loved riding :) and look forward to doing it again (Miss Debbie invited them back in the spring)

 Papa enjoyed watching the Sparkles and petting Q.
 But of course riding a horse is not all fun and games, there is work to do too.
Madison brought Hoover into the barn, took off his saddle, and gave him a quick brush down (too much brushing is a waste since Hoover likes to roll in the dirt when he is put out to pasture).

Then it was time to go inside for some hot chocolate before heading back to Papa's apartment. 
The Sparkles were very excited and are already ready talking about their next trip in the spring.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Sunday, December 14, 2014

'Tis the Season

It just doesn't feel like Christmas until the house is decorated and the Christmas craft is complete :)

Just 1 of the 5 Sparkle Trees that decorate our home and remind us of the beauty and blessings of our lives.

 But "hands down" this is my favorite tree of all!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Season of Generosity

The Christmas season can be such a busy time filled with lots of To Do's and places to be. It is easy to loose sight of what is most important and the true meaning of the season. 

Each year we encourage the Sparkles to be generous and to give to others. I want them to always have a giving heart and to share with others the blessings of their own lives. 

The Sparkles LOVE partnering with Sewing Hands and being a blessing to other children. 

This year they shopped, snipped, tied and shipped 5 fleece blankets to Sewing Hands to be distributed to to a kindergarten class in Tennessee. 

My Mama heart is full of the blessing the Sparkles are to me and to others. 

I loved shopping with them, watching their personalities shine as they found just the right fabric (our cart was overflowing, the floor scattered in choices as they found the perfect pairs, and their giggles echoed through the aisles). I also loved sitting on the living room floor watching Christmas movies and tie the blankets together- seeing how Madison and Lillian worked together relying on their strengths to complete the job. 

But my heart overflowed as they gave each blanket a cuddle- saying a prayer for each blanket and the child that would receive it before helping to fold it into the box to ship. 

What a Merry Christmas this is starting out to be :)

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Monday, December 1, 2014