Friday, December 12, 2014

Season of Generosity

The Christmas season can be such a busy time filled with lots of To Do's and places to be. It is easy to loose sight of what is most important and the true meaning of the season. 

Each year we encourage the Sparkles to be generous and to give to others. I want them to always have a giving heart and to share with others the blessings of their own lives. 

The Sparkles LOVE partnering with Sewing Hands and being a blessing to other children. 

This year they shopped, snipped, tied and shipped 5 fleece blankets to Sewing Hands to be distributed to to a kindergarten class in Tennessee. 

My Mama heart is full of the blessing the Sparkles are to me and to others. 

I loved shopping with them, watching their personalities shine as they found just the right fabric (our cart was overflowing, the floor scattered in choices as they found the perfect pairs, and their giggles echoed through the aisles). I also loved sitting on the living room floor watching Christmas movies and tie the blankets together- seeing how Madison and Lillian worked together relying on their strengths to complete the job. 

But my heart overflowed as they gave each blanket a cuddle- saying a prayer for each blanket and the child that would receive it before helping to fold it into the box to ship. 

What a Merry Christmas this is starting out to be :)