Sunday, October 20, 2013

Friendship and London

In combination with a recent business trip, I was very blessed to be joined in London by my dear friend Sara.

Sara, her husband Bill and son Harrison are currently living in India.

It was quickly decided that we would meet in London (half way for us both) for a much needed long weekend together.
No kids, just us :)

We had an absolute blast.

2 full days of nothing but talking laughing and living life together. Just the right amount of time.

Of course we saw the traditional sites of Godalming including the beloved Pepper Pot

 and a vist to The Star pub for after dinner drinks
 Saturday we took the train into London
 Saw Big Ben

 Ate fish and chips at the Pub
 and even bought matching handbags to remember our trip
 The weather in London was overcast and cool but thankfully NO RAIN

 Tower Bridge and 2 dear friends- doesn't get much better then that
 But this picture is one of my favorites. Walking along with my dearest friend, talking, laughing and conquering the world together.
Here's to another 20 years of friendship.

I can't wait to our next adventure- wherever it will be :)