Saturday, June 2, 2012

Bounce House Shenanigans

Each year the kids look forward to Nana's last day of school and not just because they like having Nana all to themselves in the summer. The last day of school marks the arrival of the Bounce Houses.

After school the kids head to Nana's school to bounce!
Even Cooper enjoyed the fun.

 It didn't take long before Nana freed him from his buggy and put Cooper in the bouncy house too.
 Jumping Sparkles
 Chasing each other around
 Cooper was happy as can be to be in the bounce house
 Climbing to the top of the big slide
 Still happy
 Gladiator Lillian attempting to pick up her jousting stick (first attempt knocked her down)
 Second attempt was a success... until she tried to run with it
 Taking a break on the toadstools
 Cooper managed to crawl his way to the middle where there was more bounce
 Climbing up for a better view
After an hour of jumping in the hotter then normal May temperatures (that day it reached 90F) we gathered the kids toward the car and headed home for dinner.

Another year of bouncing memories :)