Tuesday, June 19, 2012

11 months ago

It is hard to believe that Cooper's first birthday is only a month away (preparations for his celebration may be under way but this Mama is not ready for her baby to be turning 1 quite yet).

Cooper is crawling every where and he is super FAST. Still no teeth but there is a hint of one in his bottom gum. He still loves his baby food and Puffs and is willing to eat bread and cheerios (and thats about it)
He is happy as a clam and very cuddly. He is also developing quite the personality.

His Goober pictures are getting harder to capture (boy did I miss having Daddy to help and his camera expertise)

Here is the birthday boy on his 11month birthday. 

 Adjusting Goober's ears to get them just right
 No more sitting its time to climb
 Tickling Goober
 Tickling Cooper (he is super ticklish)
 A quick bear hug
 Before crawling away to play (Even Goober is trying to crawl to keep up)
Wish there were more but thats all Cooper was willing to take. 

Continuing to enjoy our youngest Sparkle and can't wait for his sisters to be home again.