Sunday, June 10, 2012

Tasty Science

One of the many benefits of having a Nanny for the summer (well at least 2 days a week) is that the kids can FINALLY delve into the abyss known as the craft bucket and create their masterpieces.
(Mommy goes to the office and comes home to see and hear of their adventures :)

This week, the girls were excited to complete their Tasty Science experiments (a 2 day adventure, I might add).

Here is Day 1:

 Cooper was not so sure about the experiments (or maybe they tried some on him :)
 Watching their cupcakes bake
 Its better now, he has his Paci
 All three Sparkles watching their creations
 Still watching... Lillian loves to watch food in the oven. She sits so patiently (and quietly) on the rug while the food is cooking.
 What do you notice... yes baking soda does make a difference (even if you only use a little)
 Of course you have to eat what you make (and it was GOOD)
 Snack time... Cooper loves his Puffs
 With the experiments done for the day, and the "lab" tidied up, the girls enjoyed playing a game of Life together.

The girls (and Cooper) are looking forward to the next week's adventures with the Nanny.