Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Zoo afternoon

With temperatures expected to be in the 100F's by Thursday, it seemed only appropriate to take advantage of the breezy sunny 80F weather of today and head to the zoo.

Miss Kandi and Nana invited the girls to join in their afternoon adventure.

Miss Kandi had not been to the zoo in several years and the girls were happy little tour guides- they even had a map :)
 Lillian racing the cheetah- guess who won?
 A ride on the merry go round
 Stopping for an ice cream break
 A visit with the Polar Bear
 Then Merry go round again
 Finally a visit at the new bird exhibit
 Looks like Madi made a friend
Before getting drenched in the splash zone at the Dolphin show and then returning home for dinner.

Thanks Nana and Miss Kandi for all the fun.