Saturday, June 3, 2017

Visitors from Across the Pond

As if the end of school wasn't enough to celebrate, the arrival of our dear friends from the UK for a week was the cherry on top :)

Waiting with our sign to greet Lisa and Roni after a long flight.

 First hugs
 Nothing beats a hug from your best friend

 Proof that we collected the right passengers
 Two besties in Indy...
Our days were filled with much laughter and many memories 

Games of Life 

 Days by the pool

 and outings for ice cream (or Frozen yogurt)
Everything we did, we did with smiles and giggles. 

Late night chats, movie marathons and all the other ordinary adventures of best friends. 

Meals at our favorite restaurants 
(BJs Brewhouse for lunch and Pizookies)

We even snuck in a day at the pond with our favorite Cowboys

Dinner and Drinks

And a final coffee (don't worry, we had plenty :) 
And suddenly the week was over and it was time to say Good-bye

A utterly wonderful, fantastic, and blessed week. 
The perfect blessing and distraction before Chemo #12. 

We miss you and hope to see you soon dear friends.