Monday, June 26, 2017

Creations by Lillian

Its been a busy summer of crafty and I am so pleased that Lillian is finding her niche in the world of crafting (Madi crochets and Momma sews)

Here are a few of her amazing creations:

Was finally able to go through her art file (Lillian created the Zebra) from the end of school and update the art wall in the playroom

 Scrap wreaths have been her favorite and each one Lillian is increasing her speed and I love watching her taking creative liberties and making her own patterns and color combos.
 A finished needle point- definitely a Momma and Lillian together adventure but something to aspire to in the near future.
Looking forward to her next creations

1 comment:

Allen "AD" Williams said...

Lilian, all your paintings are beautiful especially with their bright and Living Colors!