Monday, June 19, 2017

Dory's Detour on No Chemo Monday

The day has finally arrived... my first day 15 that I am NOT scheduled to receive an infusion.
 Of course, I celebrated this milestone with a Starbucks 😍

and a visit to Target with this little cutie

This is whole new territory in my journey.
I have NEVER had a day 15 (which is usually referred to as day 1) that I did not receive an infusion. It is day 1, the first week of healing.
It time to start counting forward instead of counting down.

The road is scary and still unknown. My energy is focused on loving my sparkles, resting and embracing the wait.
There are many side effects and med symptoms that are just as strong and prominent as an infusion. There are many weeks and months of toxins my body needs to process.

But for today, celebrate with me.
Celebrate this milestone and these moments of Joy (and of my beautiful niece Evie)

One day at a time