Monday, June 5, 2017

Chemo #12

You know you have a great friend, when her birthday wish is to drive you to your infusion :)

So we started the birthday celebration with an early lunch at Panera
And of course my traditional stop at Starbucks
While there were a few delays (silly port for acting up) the time passed quickly as it always does when you are with a good friend.

My slurpee arrived just in time for my infusion and Rob traded places with my friend for the remainder of my treatment.
 True love... The coke machine wasn't working so he got a cherry slurpee (my second favorite) but was waiting so long that the coke machine started working so he brought both so I could choose.

I love this man
 Infusion complete....

 At the beginning of this journey I prayed that I would be the Jesus to the staff that was caring for me. In my mind it would be a few individuals but God's plans are always bigger then my own. It was not 1 but 11 different nurses, 4 med techs, 3 receptionist, 2 pharmacy, and many others who traveled this journey with me every other week for my 12 infusions.

The day was filled with moments of anxiety and fear of what comes next but also moments of peace and contentment.
I saw glimpses of my prayer being answered when my my lab nurse said she was praying along with my support team that my port would behave. And again when my infusion nurse patted my hand and said "me too"

These two lovely ladies were there at the beginning and were there to celebrate the end.
Their encouragement and smiles and tender care of me made even the yuckiest of moments blessed.

Ringing my way out.... 12 infusions complete
Now with chemo complete its time for a treat...

Starbucks and HGTV :)