Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Roller Skating Adventures

As a special treat, the entire family (Grammie, Aunt Abby, Uncle Caleb and Aunt Susanne plus the Sparkman 4) adventured to the family skating rink for an afternoon of fun.

 A few rounds in the practice rink before tackling the big rink.

 With the help of Grammie and Daddy, Lillian ventured out on to the big rink for a few laps.

 Uncle Caleb helped Lillian catch up to Daddy- who got away.

 Off they go...

 Lillian's skates kept getting away from her, but she wouldn't give up.
My Madison- like a giraffe on skates. She definitely spent more time on her bum then on the skates but she had a blast. Aunt Abby was very patient with Madison as they VERY slowly lapped the rink.
 Back to the practice rink with Grammie to get away from the the people.

 "I do it myself"
 She her her own little shuffle and was quite excited to skate on her own.

 But skating with Daddy is better.
 Daddy's little skaters.
 The girls enjoyed taking a break from skating and playing a few of the arcade games with Grammie.

 Skee ball was the favorite game.
One throws overhand and the other underhand.

 Back to skating, this time it was Madison's turn to skate with Daddy and Uncle Caleb.
 Uncle Caleb, Aunt Susanne, and Grammie braved the competition and headed to the center of the rink for limbo.

 Aunt Susanne almost won.
A final lap around the rink before the end of the skating session.
 Madison and Lillian joined the other children for a few dances and races.

 Lillian loved racing around the rink in her socks, trying to catch the older kids.

Time to go home!