Sunday, July 19, 2015

Celebrating Cooper's Birthday

Each year I have tried my best to celebrate each of the Sparkles in a way that honors who they are and what they love.

This year, Cooper requested a REAL police man and a REAL police car to come to his birthday party and he wanted to invite his friends. The friends part was easy... but this Mama has never turned down a challenge.

He also wanted a Policeman Cupcake Cake :)

 Playing with friends while waiting for his surprise
 Blowing out the candles on his Police Car

 Yummy Cupcakes
 the icing made a terrible mess but gave everyone a good giggle
 Opening presents
 Ninja turtle swords
 Superbook figurines
 a Doctor kit
 and his favorite...
 Avenger Underwear
 In honor of Cooper's request.. this Mama went to the police station and kindly asked the Chief of Police if he could help a Mama out and he said YES!!!!!!

So our friend from the police station came to visit Cooper and his friends at Cooper's birthday party.
A REAL policeman and his REAL police car

It was a huge Success and we had one happy boy on our hands.
Cooper's very first question.... Hey, where's your chief?
 The kids had an awesome time climbing in and out of the car (at one point all 12 children were piled in the backseat)

 Driving and checking the laptop for the next emergency
 Being handcuffed
 and wearing the vest
 They even caught a few "bad" guys
 Cooper received his very own police station and police car toy from his new friend.
It was a wonderful celebration of Cooper- we were so glad to share it with so many friends, neighbors and especially family.

Rumor has it Cooper wants an ambulance next year... a white one :)