Thursday, January 8, 2015


As promised... here are a few of the highlights from our Christmas Celebrations in Indiana.

I love decorating with my Sparkles :)

 This year our neighborhood lined the streets with lit milk jugs Christmas Eve and Christmas Day
After attending our church Christmas Eve service we returned home for a few more of our traditions...
The Sparkles in their Christmas Jammies (Mama even got smart this year and wrapped the jammies in Special paper to make it easier to find and open on Christmas Eve).

 You know who you are that sent these lovely head pieces :)

 Making sugar cookies with Daddy
We may not do Santa but we still do cookies 
 This one makes me giggle... such a brother thing to do

Then it was off to bed.

Christmas morning we headed down stairs to open our family gifts. Here are just a few of the highlights (in an effort to intentionally be in the moment, many pictures were missed but the memories were experienced.)

Cooper was thrilled to get cowboy boots (he calls them fancy fireman boots)

 More big eye animals- Lillian was thrilled to receive her Mama and baby dolphin
 But not nearly as excited as when she opened her cash register... she was wishing for months for one.

 New speakers for her iPod
 Madison is always thrilled to receive movies- this year her top picks were How to Train Your Dragon 2 and the Hobbit 2
 Police and Fire Trucks from Pops and Grann- this is one very happy boy
 A quick picture after opening presents before eating breakfast and heading to Nana and Papa's house.
 More presents...