Monday, December 23, 2013

Unexpected Success

I was joking with Cooper as I got him dressed after a bath tonight.

You see, Aliza and I have been trying to get him "potty" trained. I never have liked that word... potty... Back to the story. We initially had a lot of success! He treated it as a great game and was happy getting small treats as a reward. But, Cooper can be a stubborn little guy. The treats haven't worked as they once did, and potty time is a battle.

Tonight, in a moment of brilliance, I mention to Cooper, "Hey, if you tell me you need to pee and then do it, I'll give you an ice cream cone." Cooper, in excitement, immediately starts running down the hallway (bare naked except for his diaper) yelling "Eyesceem Cone!" like only he can.

I figure there's no way this will happen. He's two! Two year old's don't think that way - in the complex, rationalizing, negotiating, reasoning kinda way. Plus, he hates (HATES!) sitting on the toilet. In a few days, he'll forget... that is if he even understood the concept. And he pee'd in shower, he doesn't have to go.

Remember, to get the ice cream, he has to tell us he needs to pee, then actually follow through.

"Daddy, go pee?"

No way.

"Daddy? Go pee; get eyesceem?"

Seriously? This isn't happening. It's only been 15 minutes!

I tell him, sure, no problem. We go to the bathroom, put him on the toilet... and. he. pees.




Happily eating his treat. Thanks, Nana, for having a well-stocked freezer!