Saturday, May 18, 2013

Pools Open

Come on over....

The girls were beyond thrilled when I told them they could swim in the pool this afternoon.

82F outside and 72F in the pool

A pose before taking the plunge
 Goggles on
 She jumps
 She splashes
 Madi's turn next!

 Safe on their rafts
 Diving for treasure- a floating treasure chest with diving coins and jewels
 Why sit on your own raft when you can sit together
 Even cousin Thomas and Aunt Beth came out to enjoy the sunshine
Thomas was not so thrilled about being in the pool- he barely put his toes in
 Big Splashes from Tiny Mighty Lillian
 Pool fun- let the memories begin
 Inspired by the show Splash- Madison's attempt at a new dive
 Great angle
 Purple lips and shivers, I think its time to climb out :)
What a great first swim, can't wait for more afternoons in our backyard paradise.