Sunday, April 24, 2011


This year the girls and I (along with Nana) drove to Sydney, Ohio to spend Easter with Papa at his new interim church.
(Rob is still in Mississippi for test support and was unable to come home for the weekend to celebrate with us. We really missed having him!)

It was just over a two and a half hour drive (not including having to go back for forgotten items or stopping for lunch).

We arrived Saturday late afternoon and enjoyed relaxing at Papa's apartment and watching TV together before heading to bed.

Easter Morning the girls awoke at their usual time (7:15am) and enjoyed eating several bowls of Cheerios in the living room while watching TV before getting ready for church.

The Sparkle Girls (and Mommy) beautiful in blue!

 Papa's apartment is directly across the street from the church. It was great to walk to church together- Papa and his girls.
 First Presbyterian Church of Sydney, Ohio

Easter breakfast was served at the church before the 10:30am worship service.

The girls enjoyed making resurrection rolls with the other children as they listened to the Easter story.

 First you dip the marshmallow in the butter
 Then roll it in the cinnamon
 Wrap it in the crescent roll. TaDa! Now bake it.
(When the rolls are baked, the marshmallow dissolves and the crescent roll opens- looking like an empty tomb. The children understood that it was just like what Mary found- the tomb was empty. They learned to then greet each other with the phrase : Christ is risen!)

After worship we returned to Papa's apartment for our Easter lunch (Bob Evan's family take out- roast beef, mashed potatoes, corn and for dessert- cherry pie and ice cream)

The girls were anxious to begin their egg hunt.
Quickly they ran around the apartment looking for eggs to fill their baskets.
 They found eggs in the couch and eggs in the dining room
 Eggs on the windowsill
 and eggs in the bedroom
 There were even eggs behind the couch.
 Lillian got into a bit of egg mischief when Papa wasn't looking. She could hardly wait to see what was in the eggs. (This particular egg had lots of pretty bracelets in it).
 A few more eggs in the kitchen
 Yeah we found them all!
 It was time to empty the eggs and find the treats inside- M&Ms, skittles, chocolate bunnies and eggs, smarties, and little prizes. The girls were thrilled.

With the eggs all emptied, the girls enjoyed opening their Easter prizes from their grandparents.
(Thanks Nana and Pa, Grammie and Grampie, Papi and Gran. We love you!)

What Easter would be complete without a new electric toothbrush.