Saturday, August 14, 2010

Saturday in Berlin

While our original plan was to tour the city of Berlin on bicycles, the weather did not cooperate and thus we had to go with Plan B- trains and walking!

It was amazing to see the blend of old buildings and new construction and to see first hand the impact of history.
This is a large memorial to the Jewish families... each stone represents a family and the various sizes capture the number of members. It was very sobering to see the nameless structures and all that they represented.

Museum Island....
Dome of Berlin.... quite beautiful from the outside. We were not able to tour the inside in detail due to a concert.

New Museum was extremely interesting because not only where the exhibits interesting (ancient Egypt) but the architecture of the building was amazing. Add to that the fact that our colleague (and tour guide) had completed vibration testing within the museum and thus knew many interesting facts of the exhibit, it was an unforgetable experience).

This is the entrance to the Berlin zoo. Unfortunately I was not able to tour inside... my plan to return Wednesday while Rob was at work was thwarted by the rain. The twin elephants guarding the entrance were quite impressive.