Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fall Festival at John Knox

Saturday afternoon was breezy and cool but dry.
Dressed in their Halloween costumes, the kids headed with Nana to John Knox for the Fall Festival. Rob and I met the girls at the church.

Lillian checks her bucket before trolling the cars for Trunk or Treat.
She loved reaching in and getting her own candy.

Madison loved her chocolate lollipops

while Lillian preferred "chewies"- Tootsie Rolls

Lillian did not quite understand "Just 1"

Off we walked for more treats.

Our little Stinky was the most beautiful Skunk of the day.

More baskets.

Daddy was even able to join the girls for a round in the parking lot.

With the trunk or treat complete, Madi headed off to play a few carnival games while Lillian returned to help Nana "sort the pretzels".

Her favorite game was fishing for prizes.

I think she caught a big one!

Ladies and gentleman, we have a winner!!!!

After the games, both girls headed to the Bounce House.

Sisie to the rescue.

Off she jumps

Skunk full of smiles

We had a great afternoon and then it was time for a nap.