Saturday, December 6, 2008

Second to Last Weekend in England

It was our second to last weekend in England and we decided to spend it with friends.
Both girls had been sick since the previous weekend with ear infections and chest colds, but after a round of antibiotics for them both, they were ready for a weekend of fun.

Madison spent Saturday with her friend Roni. They baked cakes and prepared Roni's house for a pajama party with a few other friends. Madison enjoyed making Christmas crafts and dancing in her jammies with Roni, Freya, Emily, and Ellie. The day was filled with laughter and happy memories.

With Madison tucked away at a friends, Rob, Lillian and I drove the 2 hour trip to Bristol to visit our friend Stewie. We had hoped to see other friends from Rolls Royce but scheduling conflicts had them pre-engaged else where.

Lunch was at a pub over looking the Clifton Suspension Bridge and then a walk around the shops of Bristol.

It was a great day!

Rob and I enjoyed a fancy dinner of Pizza Hut on our way to pick Madison up.

Other highlights of the weekend:
  • Rob "listened" to the Florida Gators win the SEC Championship game
  • Madison lost her second tooth- right next to the first one she lost. This time she negotiated 30p for the tooth (it is quite amusing to listen to her and Rob battle for a tooth price)

9 days until Florida!!!!!!!!!!!!